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Revised Project Design (G3)

Revised project design

Team Awesome G3

Title: Escape the Dungeon Team Name: Team Awesome Team Members: Chromious, Z-Fighter, Mebibyte General Information Most sections have been updated. Game World information is new. Schedule is unchanged. Game Description: You wake up in a strange dungeon with a puddle of water at your feet. You can see water rushing in from behind you, and […]

[Blue Barracudas] Moe de Gras G3

We, the Blue Barracudas, have made some important changes to our game concept in order to make it more achievable and more enjoyable.

Slower Than Sound G3

Team Members: doomturtle ninebolt Design Document Game Idea: Slower than Sound is a two player, local network, combat game. You control a submarine locked in a battle with another submarine. You each start with 10 health with the goal of reducing your opponent’s health to 0. You accomplish this by shooting torpedoes at the enemy […]

Order of Zinglon – G3

Revised Design Document Title Full Swing Group Order of Zinglon ragnar – https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f14/author/ragnar norigantz – https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f14/author/norigantz cubs2bears – https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f14/author/cubs2bears Concept A first-person game where the player has a grappling device.  The grapple hook can act as a rope so the player can swing around objects and can also retract and pull the player towards the […]

Skro on The Adjectives’ G3

DOG-FIGHTER In space, nobody knows you’re a dog. Game Idea: Players each control a single fighter jet sized ship. The goal is to destroy the other players. The gameplay is a dogfighter in space with 3 degrees of freedom. The map(s) is an asteroid belt with a few man-made structures. Game modes is free-for-all deathmatch. […]

Team Newbee G3

Design Documentation Team Name: Team Newbee Game Name: Chasing Fortune Team Member: davidscz, paintblade, squarehelius   Game Concept We decide to do a 2D adventure puzzle game. The main concept is that the player can navigate through a maze, and in the process he will encounter monsters, who will attack him if he enters their line […]

Castle Zombie Defense (revised)

Castle Zombie Defense Team: Boss Racing masterchief, baguettebaguette, bossman Game Description: The player is the wizard of the castle.  As the player, you must protect your subjects from the Zombies trying to take over the castle.  Use your trebuchets and mystical fire balls to kill the Zombies and defend the castle.  Keep your castle free […]

G3 Revised Game Design

Game Title: Elemental Team: Hipster Cyborgs Members: munkahunkus thisisaname demmina Game Information Story Wilson the wisp is lost and wants to find his way home.  Using his ability to manipulate objects formed from certain elements, Wilson will attempt to create a path back to his house. Gameplay The player will start the game controlling Wilson […]

BBD – Revised Documents

Game Name: Window to your soul: A VR Horror show. Team: BBD Members: warl0ck, gtvgd03, virtuahost Game: The player starts in a nightmare. He/ she is trapped in the nightmare by his/ her darkest fear and cannot wake up. To wake up the player has to move around in their nightmare and find clues to […]

Scrap Daniel & the Sugarpuff Brigade – Updated Design Docs

wrobert666 cloudkicker captaincmy Design Document Game Idea: The game that we would like to implement is a top-down (2D) zero-gravity, physics based shooter. The game will take place in space where the player is in control of a spaceship. The goal of the game will be to destroy the incoming fleet of enemy spaceships that […]

Floating Trip[G3]-Team: Automata

Game Name: Floating Trip Group Name: Automata Team member: goillinois, techgamer We use italics to highlight the things we revised. Game Description: A boat is floating along a turbulent stream. However, there are lots of rocks blocking on the way. The goal of the player is to control the boat to pass through those obstacles […]

Crimson Lightning – G3 – Revised Design

Note: Please see the underlined sections (They contain the information that has been added to the revised design) Game Title: It’s a Colorful World Team Crimson Lightning Members nintendo424: https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f14/author/nintendo424/ verryberry1: https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f14/author/verryberry1/ valirek: https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f14/author/valirek/ Story It’s a Colorful World takes place in a land where many of it’s inhabitants have given into “the normalcy of life”, and have lost […]

Team Schism’s G3

Game: Dragon’s Gold Team: Team Schism Members: mulletman, bordemin, overload3d Game Idea: You are a fire-breathing dragon searching for gold in a large open world full of interactive inhabitants. The goal is to find the gold scattered throughout the world. Finding the gold will be a challenge due to environmental obstacles and hostile AI.


Design Plan 11/10/2014 Game Title: Farm Patrol Team: Team Recess Members:  heptad, wolverine Game Premise Farm Patrol will be a two-player cooperative game where the players must use their unique skills to herd and protect farm animals. The farm will have chickens who have gotten loose that must be chased and caught by the two players. Player […]

Luminator[G3]: Team: 22 by 7

Game Name: Luminator: Set the wrong turn right Team: 22 by 7 (Pi) Because we are irrational. Members: letsplay, expertcoder, student89 Game: You are a person alone with your car in the dark.You are stuck in this scary maze of a forest where you keep going the same way again and again. You need to find the correct […]

Ssssucculent – G3

Team: Ssssucculent Game name: Ssssucculent Members: freya, montspy, vulcan Revised design document Game idea Ssssucculent is a 2.5D, third-person view “endless runner” style game in which the player controls a snake avatar and tries to gain as many points as possible before the game ends. The game setting is a desert in the southwestern United […]

Boats on Rails G3 — Revised Design

Revised Design Document — Boats on Rails * Differences from previous design: primary differences include the redaction of the boat size morphing mechanic, as per instructor feedback, and further elaboration on designing the boat game-feel and preliminary control design. Sections which differ from our previous post have been marked with an asterisk. Previous blog post […]

Zero G Flee Revised (G3)

Zero-G Flee is a 2D platformer that stars you as an astronaut on a crumbling spaceship. Some unknown force has attacked your shuttle, and is on the verge of crash landing into an orbiting planet. You must escape before the shuttle crashes! With your jetpack, you must make your way through the crumbling ship to […]

Mancakes G3 Design

Team Members: Livingled, Patches, Stonewall Title of the Game: Bearbrella Detailed plan for the game Our avatar is falling forever alongside a building. The player uses an umbrella to slow his fall and have better control of movement. Every moment the player uses this umbrella a bar on the HUD drains by a set rate. […]

Team Bob Waters G3

Play BATTLEMAGE! Gather your spells and unleash their fury upon your foes!