[Blue Barracudas] Moe de Gras G5 Final Testing Build

Final form of game for playtesting, just missing a few final touches before presentation.

Controls are still WASD for the left side and arrow keys for the right side.

All that is left to do is improve the user interface stuff (size, placement, colors, etc.).

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[Blue Barracudas] Moe de Gras G4 (Alpha)

Red vs. Blue, but this is not Halo… it is an epic lawnmower competition!

Note: This game is meant to be played fullscreen.

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[Blue Barracudas] Moe de Gras G2

Working Title: Moe de Gras
Team Name: Blue Barracudas
Members: idlapacjt, hedgehog, mjp14


Basic features:

  • Open world 2.5d lawn-mower action game
  • Two-player networked matches
  • Time limit ends matches

Winning conditions:

  • One player cuts all their designated grass, or
  • Time runs out and one player has more points


  • Arrow keys :: Movement
  • Space bar :: Boost
  • QWER :: Various abilities (e.g. mow grass, lay grass, etc.)


  • Each player directly controls a lawn-mower avatar
  • Each player is a different color
  • Each player has two basic abilities all the time
    • Cut grass
    • Lay grass


  • Mowing grass earns points for the player
  • Grass will begin in designated areas for each player
    • Specified clearly by level design
  • Grass comes in two types/heights
    • Tall grass
      • This is grass that needs to be mowed
      • This is the grass that appears when players lay grass
    • Short grass
      • This is grass that has been mowed


  • Hitting obstacles loses points for the player
  • There will be stationary obstacles (e.g. rocks, dog droppings, etc.)
  • There will be moving obstacles (e.g. squirrels, balls, etc.)


  • There will be various abilities that can be picked up by items, such as:
    • Boosting ability
    • Temporary invincibility
    • Temporary size increase


  • Player movement is 2-dimensional (World rendered in 2 dimensions)
  • Based loosely on real life lawn-mover movement


  • Cutting grass produces sound and particles
  • Laying grass produces sound and new grass
  • Driving through tall grass impacts speed


  • Obstacle interactions crucial for feel
  • Examples include:
    • Sound effects
    • Spinning out
    • Camera shake
    • Slowing down or speeding up
    • Stopping completely
    • Changing size
    • Producing appropriate particles
    • Destroying obstacle
  • Note: Collisions with other player also important


  • Power-ups can influence all sorts of game feel elements such as:
    • Speed (camera zoom, speed increase)
    • Power (disabling obstacle effects)
    • Size (connection between size and acceleration)


  • Focus on your cutting your own assigned grass
  • Prioritize messing with the other player’s area

Skills needed:

  • Maneuvering lawnmower
  • Avoiding obstacles
  • Manipulating grass



Original Design Document

Original Design Slides