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Slower than Sound G2

Team Members Ninebolt doomturtle Game Idea Slower Than Sound is a two player turn-based submarine combat game. Each player controls a submarine and on their turn can move it vertically. On every other turn, the player can fire a torpedo which travels across the map towards the other submarine. The game is over when one […]

Super Heavy

Super Heavy is a game where you control the moon and destroy everything in your way.

doomturtle’s P1

This is my Game Feel Project 1. The space bar teleports in mode 1 and jumps in mode 2. A stable orbit is possible in both modes but easier to achieve in mode 2.

Breakfast Time by doomturtle

This is my Assignment 2. The walls are eggs and the floor is bacon.

doomturtle’s Assignment 1

This is my Assignment 1.

doomturtle’s assignment 0

This is my Assignment 1.