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The high-level idea of this game is a flying game! The player should be immersed into a world and experience the sensation of weight, height, shifts, loops, speed, boosts, spins– in a word, flight. This core mechanic can be turned into anything if it is truly as immersive as it needs to be. Maybe a […]

Overload3d- Game Feel 0

Boxes have feelings too… Let me explain some of the things. Box 0: Strong/Aggressive -first of all, camera shake to add weight to the character. -repeat it lots of times to emphasize aggresiveness -haphazard rotation pattern for added agressiveness -have cohabitants of the world be afraid of the character -strongly shaking the world sends others […]

Overload3d-Networked A2

So if a fish, had one wish, it would be… to fly?

Assignment 1-overload3d

Oh no! Box-bot is stranded on an island. How will he survive? Especially since his only source of food is attacking him?!

Assignment 0 – overload3d

This is a simple roll a ball and collect randomly-colored items type of game. It was a bit too simple, so to mix things up I added an earthquake 😀 Enjoy!