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Game Feel Project 1

Hedgehog’s P1

This is my game feel project 1. Controls are WASD for movement and space to jump. 1 and 2 to toggle modes G to toggle atmospheric effects Press any movement key to begin. The 2 modes that I choose are scared/weak and dreamy/strong. Scared/Weak The initial scene is this one. The room is essentially completely […]

goillinois-Game Feel P1

I create two avatars in two different environments in this game. You can use 1 and 2 to switch between two avatars. 1 for the first avatar and 2 for the second. You can press g for non-game-feel polish. The first avatar is aggressive and strong: You can use either mouse or keyboard to control […]

GF Project 1 – Freya

This is my submission for Game Feel Project 1. The character is a were-bunny. You can move the character using WASD and the space bar to jump. The bunny can jump on the three platforms and attack the various objects around the map. In mode one, I am conveying Joyful and Nimble. In mode two, […]

Demmina’s Game Feel Project 1

Here is my Game Feel Project. I went with Scared/Weak (2) and Joyful/Nimble (1) For scared and weak I made the movement slower, can not jump as high, has a noticeable shake from fear. For joyful and nimble I increase the speed, can jump and rotate faster. Also gave a happy energetic movement by rotating […]

P1 from techgamer

This is my P1: The game feel I implemented: joyful and nimble: I use trail to describe nimble. I also increase the speed of motion. To depict joyful I made the head of the character waving back and forth as it moves. The objects interact with the character is also lighter. scared and weak: I […]

Chromious’ P1 Game Feel Experiment

This is a summary of some of the things I have done to try and create game feel; The two adjectives I choose are Agressive and Nimble. Agressive in this case means feisty, and Nimble means kind-of-fast and can climb trees.

letsplay – GameFeel Assignment

Welcome to this dare and scare game. Press ‘space’ to start and toggle between the different game feels using keys ‘1’ and ‘2’. Press ‘g’ to toggle between non-game-feel polish.

virtuahost’s GameFeel P1 | CS 6457 Fall 2014

I have gone with the following combination from the list. 1. Strong and aggressive and 2. Dizzy and scared. I have used 2 different scenes to implement the game feel for the two separate behavior combination. For the first scenario the avatar is bigger than normal with a color shading of red to signify aggressiveness. […]

npai – Game Feel P1

Here is my submission for the first Game Feel project. These are the two characteristics I picked: 1) Joyful/Nimble The avatar moves around in a joyful manner, with, joyous head bobbing and arm waving. They are rather quick, and can jump further (and reach places that are not reachable with another character). Their mass is […]


For this game, 1 gives a dreamy/dizzy character, while 2 gives an aggressive/strong character. Every time the avatar jumps, the camera shakes depending on the emotional state. If the character is dreamy/dizzy, it will jump very high and fall slowly as if it were absent-mindedly and carelessly gliding through air. When it hits the ground, […]

Overload3d- Game Feel 0

Boxes have feelings too… Let me explain some of the things. Box 0: Strong/Aggressive -first of all, camera shake to add weight to the character. -repeat it lots of times to emphasize aggresiveness -haphazard rotation pattern for added agressiveness -have cohabitants of the world be afraid of the character -strongly shaking the world sends others […]

Game Feel Project 1

Here’s my attempt at the Game Feel Project 1. I have implemented two behaviors: Strong/Joyful and Weak/Scared. The behaviors could be toggled using 1 and 2 keys. By pressing the ‘G’ key, sound effects are removed and atmospheric effects are restored to starting of the game. For the strong/Joyful case, the player travels with a […]

cubs2bears GameFeel P1

Welcome to the Fear and Joy of Demon Hunting. In this game, you can switch between two different behaviors. Switching between these behaviors will vary how the character is controlled, what the character is capable of, and the appearance of the game world. The first behavior is a combination of being scared and weak. I […]

Squarehelius Game Feel P1

Hello Everyone, I chose the “nimble and joyful”, “weak and scared” combination as my game feel. However, instead of changing the game feel with buttons, which is not very intuitive to me. So I changed the way of switching different game feel by entering the “castle” in front of the player at the beginning of […]

Patches – Project 1

This is my game feel project. My first feeling was Aggressive/Strong and my second was Joyful/Nimble.  Press 1 for Aggressive/Strong, 2 for Joyful/Nimble and G to toggle polish effects. Movement is based on WASD keys and mouse to turn.

Mebibyte’s Project 1

My submission for Project 1, Game Feel Experiment. This game is set on Glorious Historic Grant Field (or Shitty Sanford Stadium). My chosen feels are joyful/nimble and aggressive/weak. Read more for details.

doomturtle’s P1

This is my Game Feel Project 1. The space bar teleports in mode 1 and jumps in mode 2. A stable orbit is possible in both modes but easier to achieve in mode 2.

Z-Fighter’s Game Feel Assignment P1

I chose to do weak/scared and strong/agressive. Mode 1 has you in a dungeon-looking hallway and the player is so weak it’s hard to push the walls down. Mode 2 changes to a scene with a bigger, stronger player in a hallway of cardboard boxes that they can push around with ease. (I guess you […]

wolverine- Game Feel Project 1

This is my submission for the game feel project 1. There are two modes that toggle on press of keys “1”  and “2”. The lighting and sound effects can be turned on and off in each mode using the “g” key.  It is advisable to switch modes only when the atmospheric effects are on, otherwise […]

ExpertCoder – P1

Hi, This is my version for the game feel assignment. The Strong and Aggressive mode: This is the first mode that appears. I have created a character that has a strong built with muscular arms. As he walks, the ground beneath him shakes too. He resists a controlling push on himself. (Added a camera shake […]

Pineapple – P1

For this game feel project, I have my previous character exhibiting either a strong and aggressive feel or a dreamy and dizzy feel. For the strong and aggressive feel, I had the character ramp up speed over a bit of time to imply its mass and I also used a camera shake and sound when […]

inttruth’s Assignment P1

Here is my game. It implements the behaviors scared/weak and strong/aggressive. Press 1 and 2 respectively to play the behaviors.

Thisisaname – P1

It is at this point where I most came to realize the truth of every game I could think of making being too big. There were several features that weren’t entirely required that I didn’t get a chance to add (though I plan to discuss them), and some required ones that didn’t quite work in […]

norigantz – P1

Game Feel Experiment

duetosideeffects’s Project 1

masterchief’s P1

You’re a snowman and you’ve come alive (again!) Feel 1: Dizzy + Joyful Each layer of snow rotates in circles as you move As you jump higher and higher, you gain excitement and spin faster / wider! Movement itself is wobbly, notice if you stand still you still move slightly around Hitting a wall makes […]

jukesofhazard – GFP1

You are a little Mars rover exploring Mars, but the scary aliens are hunting you. You don’t have any proof they exist, but you’re a-quaking in your boots! Your fear grants you the ability to phase through objects! However, press the 2 key to enter your final form and become unstoppable!!! WS to move forward […]

gglppi’s P1

I chose to implement Scared-Nimble and Joyful-Dizzy for my two game feels. I made a spider avatar out of primitive shapes to this end. Basic movement controls: WASD + Space for movement and jumping. Walking straight at walls/bed posts/etc allows you to climb vertical (or upside-down) surfaces. Flies buzz around the room and can be […]

Bossman P1

This is my look and feel experiment. Setting 1: Dreamy and Dizzy For this setting the character moves slowly in a circular pattern to show he is dizzy. Probably over served as well! I represented the dreamy feel by reducing gravity to give a floating feel. In addition I put a slight bounce in the […]

[P1: #GameFeel Experiment] idlapacjt – Moe’s World

In Moe’s World, there are two parallel universes. In one, we have Push Moe. In the other we have Power Moe. Cutting the grass has never felt so good! You’ll just keep coming back for Moe! Basic controls: Press “0” to begin Move with WASD or arrow keys Jump and double jump with space bar […]

munkahunkus – Game Feel Project 1

This is my submission for Project 1. To control the character, use the WASD keys to turn and to move forwards and backwards. To jump, press the space bar. To toggle environmental effects, press ‘q’. Of course, the two game feels can be toggled with the 1 and 2 keys. I created my two sets […]

GTVGD03 – P1

For my Project 1, I chose to do Joyful/Nimble and Aggressive/Strong. Please continue for details and the project.

wrobert666 – P1

My attempt at P1. 1. Strong/Aggressive 2. Dreamy/Dizzy  

P1 – heptad

NOTE: When I built it, I got the warning “Built with beta version of Unity. Will only work on your computer!” I have the UI beta installed, so I believe it will only work if you also have the UI beta. G = turn off/on special effects. 1 = joyful, dizzy Sort of like a […]

tsa2’s Game Feel Game

tsa2’s awesome game feel game I chose to do scary+dizzy and happy+strong happy+strong The first thing I did was make the character fast and strong. I also wanted the character to be able to jump higher to go with the joyful feel. There are several rectangles that appear during the default and happy mode. In […]

happypandafrand – P1

Scene 1: You are and angle floating around in the clouds. But some Demons have entered your realm.  Show em whose Boss! Dreamy: When you jump in the air you rise and fall slowly like your floating Also when jumping the character raises and lowers their arms to give that floaty feel Movement overall is […]

Bordemin Project 1

For this game feel experiment I combined 4 behaviors to create two game modes. SCENE: For the scene environment, I created a restaurant. For this project, I heavily experimented with unity audio as I believe that audio is one of the most important aspects of creating a immersive game feel experience. Outside there are a […]

P1 – bear

Bear’s assignment 3. 1. Scared and Weak -Background sound, scary textures, dark colors, and dark bluish lighting convey terror. -Player moves relatively slow because he is weak compared to his joyful counterpart. The motion is still fast enough where the game is playable! -Player cannot jump very high nor double jump because he is too […]

mulletman’s Game Feel Project 1

For this project, I created 3 scenes: ground (neutral), heaven (dreamy-weak), and hell (aggressive-strong). For the ground scene, I stripped the scene of all the added effects and left basically a skeleton. For the heaven scene, I tried to make it dreamy by using a sky motif with cool colors to accent the objects and […]

KCHEN34’s Project 1 – Game Feel

I decided to go for the two combinations of joyful and nimble vs. weak and scared. I decided to go for these two because they are extremely different from each other and I wanted a challenge in terms of coming up with something that would accurately portray those two senses. Joyful and Nimble – For […]

Valirek’s Game Feel P1

This is my Game Feel Project 1. You control a cube shaped character that can walk and jump around a little world. You are able to switch between 2 feel states: Joyful & Weak AND Aggressive & Strong with the “1” and “2” keys. Have fun!

Game Feel Project 1

Game Feel Project 1 1: Joyful & Nimble Pressing ‘1’ starts a joyful and nimble mood to the game. I added a bright sky and rotating candy platforms to add liveliness to the game. The character moves fast and jumps high to show the nimbleness. The bright and exciting background music adds the joyful mood, […]

Ninebolt’s P1 Game : Christmas Snowstorm

Hi everyone, The theme of my game is Christmas. The characteristic pairs I chose were {joyful, strong} and {scared, weak}. The premise of the game is that you are a snowman who is exploring the littered presents from around the land; however, you are too strong for your own good so you break them (oh […]

starlord’s Project 1

Press 1 for Aggressive/Powerful, Press 2 for Dreamy/Dizzy.

cloudkicker’s P1 – Game Feel

Here is my game feel prototype. It totally feels like a game. That’s for sure.

Stonewall – Project 1

This is my game feel experiment. My first feel is Angry/Strong and my second is Scared/Nimble.

davidscz’s p1 assignment

Press 1 for the joyful scene, press 2 for halo scene.

Captaincmy’s Project 1

My game feels are Dreamy/Strong and Aggressive/Weak. Have Fun! Press 1 and 2 to toggle between the feels and g to turn everything off.

montspy – Assignment P1

This is my Game Feel assignment. My two behaviors are 1) scared and weak and 2) joyful and strong. Have fun.

Boxiom’s GAME FEEL EXPERIMENT – Tinkle Trials

For my game feel experiment I combined the behaviors “Scary” and “Dizzy” to create a game called Tinkle Trials. In this game you play Timmy Coconut, a small boy afraid of his own shadow. It’s the middle of the night and you need to make it the toilet without hitting any squeaky floorboards, falling down […]