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Assignment 0

idalapacjt Assignment 0

Roll-a-ball and whatnot

Assignment 0, Skro!

Here’s my assignment 0!

pineapple assignment A0.2

Unity Roll a Ball game by Pineapple. Enjoy! (shadows didn’t work for me in my version of unity 🙁 )

Assignment 0 – wolverine

This is my submission for assignment 0 part 2. The texture for my board is ground, for the ball it is fire and the walls are cave stones. The collectible cubes are randomized in color.

Bossman – Project 0

This is my project 0. Collect the cubes!

Assignment 0.2 – z-fighter

Here’s my submission for the Roll-A-Ball tutorial project.

mjp14 – Assignment 0

This is the Roll-a-Ball game from the Unity tutorial. Use the arrow keys to control the ball around the world and pick up the cubes. Collect all cubes to win the game!

Assignment 0 – freya

This is my version of the Unity Roll-A-Ball project tutorial. To play the game, use the arrow keys to move the ball. To win the game, collect all 12 cubes.

doomturtle’s assignment 0

This is my Assignment 1.

Assignment 0 – paintblade

Here, I attempt to recreate a “Roll-A-Ball” tutorial in Unity.  Use the arrow keys to move the ball and hit all the rotating cubes to win.  Good luck!

Assignment 0 – bear

Bear’s assignment 0 for CS 4455. Play as the ball and collect all the rotating cubes to win the game!

techgamer’s assignment0

  I followed the video instructions to create the prototype of this game. I textured the player with an earth image. Also, I tried to create a snowy weather for the playground by using particle systems. Enjoy!

goillinois – Assignment 0

I create this small game by following the tutorial online. I map the play ball with soccer ball texture and the ground with grass texture. I also create some simple trees and let them stand at the corners of the playing ground. Enjoy the game!

Assignment 0 – jukesofhazard

Collect the cubes! Use the arrow keys to move. The map is the Dota2 map, and the cubes are where the towers / ancients are. Enjoy!

Assignment 0 – happypandafrand

Collect all the spinning squares to win! Use arrow keys to move.

cloudkicker – A0 part 2

Here is my tutorial game. Roll around and collect all 12 boxes! And then you win. Yeah. Riveting.

Demmina’s Assignment 0

Here is my game for Assignment 0.

Captaincmy’s Assignment 0

Below is a simple game where you roll a ball and collect 12 blocks in order to win. I have also added in a ramp in case the player would like to challenge himself and try to go around the border of the level with out falling.  

ExpertCoder – Assignment 0 – 2