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Pandora’s Wake (Paintblade – GameFeel2)

Pandora’s Wake is a 2D top-down view treasure hunt, where your objective is to wander a mysterious world collecting magical treasure chests.


For this game, 1 gives a dreamy/dizzy character, while 2 gives an aggressive/strong character. Every time the avatar jumps, the camera shakes depending on the emotional state. If the character is dreamy/dizzy, it will jump very high and fall slowly as if it were absent-mindedly and carelessly gliding through air. When it hits the ground, […]


Here’s my assignment 2. It’s not all there, but each character can move and jump on individual screens. I am new to networking; I did the best I could. The code heavily relies on a combination Professor MacIntyre’s sample code, my previous project, Professor MacIntyre’s sample code, and http://www.paladinstudios.com/2013/07/10/how-to-create-an-online-multiplayer-game-with-unity/. I would also like to thank […]

assignment 1 – paintblade

This is my assignment 1.  I’m sorry for submitting late.  In the game, you control a fallen angel with jumping and gliding (double jump = glide) capabilities, trying to recollect his memory in a land of madness by collecting as many Dark Orbs as possible within 110 seconds.  Use wsad to move and space to […]

Assignment 0 – paintblade

Here, I attempt to recreate a “Roll-A-Ball” tutorial in Unity.  Use the arrow keys to move the ball and hit all the rotating cubes to win.  Good luck!