C1: Comments on P1

Here is guidance on how each of you are to comment on the games.  These comments should be posted by the end of the play testing week (Oct 17).

First, which games to comment on:  you should go to the t-square wiki page that lists “Blog/tsquare/name mappings” and find the 5 students AFTER you in the list for your section (wrapping around to the top as necessary).  Comment on those 5 people’s game prototype (if someone didn’t post one, continue to the next person on the list).

When you are commenting, try to be specific and positive.  Some things to think about when playing the game:

  • what are some things you LIKED about what they did, and why do you like them?
  • what are some specific things that could be improved, and how might  they be accomplished?
  • do the two motions feel like they meet the assigned “feel”?
  • do the interaction aspects help create game feel (controls, avatar movement and how it interacts with the world, polish effects used directly to emphasize these interactions)
  • are the other parts of the prototype (textures, sounds, etc) helping or hurting?

Remember, this exercise is aimed at helping both of you:

  • each of us gets better at building games by articulating specific details of what we like and don’t like
  • well written, constructive feedback also helps us improve

Please keep in mind that everyone in the class is at a different level of experience (with games, with Unity) and proficiency.  When you are playing the prototypes, please be sensitive to that.  Even if a given prototype might feel too simple or incomplete to you, it is up to you to find something constructive to say.    On the other hand, if a prototype is really nice and you couldn’t imagine how they did it, you should still strive to provide constructive, useful feedback.