[Final Project Presentation] Team: 22/7 Game: Luminator

Game Name: Luminator

Team Name: 22/7 (Pi)

Members: letsplay, expertcoder, student89

About the game:

Created a single player racing game that takes place in the dark
Only his headlight to see
He can chose paths to get to the end (MiniMap)
Collect food and avoid traps
Goal: Get to the end as soon as possible with the highest score.

What Worked:
Challenge to the player: Get to the end before you starve to death
Motivation: Judge your score at the end of the game. Try replaying to get a better score.
Game feel: We wanted to create a scary environment that can make a user feel he needs to get away as soon as possible.
Traps: We loved how the traps change the player motion and increase challenge.

Sink Trap: Rotate uncontrollably in Quicksand and sink. Press space to get out
Moving doors: Use continuously opening closing door to add as an obstacle.
Net Trap: Player gets entangled in a net trap, has to press a key (‘z’) to come out of it

Replay-ability factor:
Gain maximum score (not just health) to reach the end.
A specific score can give you an extra life.
Food on collision with trees

A score based on the food items grabbed and stars given to the player at the end!

What did not work:
Car motion:
Player: We wanted to make the car motion for the player as realistic as possible.
Tried to add a bumpy car motion. Couldn’t find the balance between what feels like a car as opposed to a trampoline.

Tried making the car face the opposite direction when going reverse, like an actual vehicle.
Did not end up implementing a character that follows the car around and you have to kill him at the end

It is difficult to find a balance between real game play and fictional game play.
Spending a good amount of time on coming up with a interesting game idea would have been a better approach than spending lot of time on minute implementations.

From alpha-testing: Changed map
From beta-testing: Added faster health depletion

What we achieved was very close to what we had set out to achieve.

We scaled the game down after the initial proposal but ended up implementing all our beta features.

Game Demo Video:

Presentation Download Link

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