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Mancakes Final Presentation (G6)

Game Pitch: As you descend alongside a building, you, a bear with an umbrella, have to dodge spikes and rockets in an effort to get the highest score you can! What is fun about that: Navigation with the umbrella – skillfully dodging spikes and rockets within an inch of danger. What worked – Players wanted […]

Mancakes’ Final G5 Playtest

Hello All, Here is our Final Playtest Build of Bearbrella. We achieved all but one of our Mid-Bar feature pieces, which was our intended goal for the final playtest. Our design document reads as follows: “Mid-bar: We want to have achieved procedural generation of obstacles to create an infinite level, implemented a score system to […]

Mancakes’ Alpha Build

Hello All, Here is our Alpha Build of Bearbrella. We achieved all of our Alpha goals, equating to our low bar, in addition to some other stuff: Goals for 19th (equates to low bar): – Basic, crude avatar movement with umbrella “meter” – Some simple obstacles and a scoring system Additional stuff we accomplished: – […]

Mancakes G3 Design

Team Members: Livingled, Patches, Stonewall Title of the Game: Bearbrella Detailed plan for the game Our avatar is falling forever alongside a building. The player uses an umbrella to slow his fall and have better control of movement. Every moment the player uses this umbrella a bar on the HUD drains by a set rate. […]

Mancakes G2 design

Team Members: Livingled, Patches, Stonewall Title of the Game: Bearbrella Basic Idea: Our game involves a bear avatar with an umbrella, constantly falling downwards alongside a building. The avatar will encounter various obstacles whilst falling, some originating from the building and some not. The fall will be infinite – we will procedurally generate the level […]

Livingled P2

Into the Void “Survival horror enhanced by changing camera perspectives.”  

LivingLed P1

Game Feel Assignment I’ll provide a detailed ramble on my ideas, implementation, and key stuff to operate my demos! Hit 1 and 2 to change between scenes. G to toggle all textures, lighting, and music. —————————————————————————————————————- Demo 1 Game Feel: Strong and Aggressive How to play: SMASH STUFF How I attempted to communicate Game Feel: […]

livingled A2 assignment

My implementation. I never got a grasp on everything for the assignment, so things like the jump and scorekeeping are a tad weird (-=. Only the winner is notified of winning upon collection of 5 points. Also the cube is sometimes hard to find, but I swear it IS there, haha.  

LivingLed Assignment 1

Assignment 1 – Sandjumper. The goal is to collect the cubes of floating rust that are generated at various fixed points (randomly) about the stage. The main thing I tried to do to make the game fun was put some work in on level design. All of the platforms are above ground – when you […]

livingled Assignment 0

My own spin on the Roll-a-ball game presented for Assignment 0. I edited my grass texture in GIMP to include my name. I specified the colors for each object and created them at Start().