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Bossman P2 – Penguin Slide

Prototype Controls WASD or arrow keys to control movement (forward and backwards adds slight speed or reduces speed). There is no reset so you must refresh the page. Game Description My game idea is a downhill penguin racing game. The goal is simple, make it to the bottom of the mountain as fast as possible […]

Bossman P1

This is my look and feel experiment. Setting 1: Dreamy and Dizzy For this setting the character moves slowly in a circular pattern to show he is dizzy. Probably over served as well! I represented the dreamy feel by reducing gravity to give a floating feel. In addition I put a slight bounce in the […]

Bossman A2

Grab a friend, because this bad boy is multiplayer! Grab 5 pills before the other player does. Stop reading and play! The other players are probably already in game…

Bossman – Project 1

This is my project 1. You are a man on a volcano with a jetpack. What more could you want? Features randomly spawning collectables and high score functionality.

Bossman – Project 0

This is my project 0. Collect the cubes!