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Assignment 1

Assignment 1 – cxaviousb

Below is my implementation of Assignment 1. It is set inside an open box with tall and short obstacles, and the objective of the game is to collect all the coins possible. Background music features birds tweeting and the walls seem to be electrified by the sound of it. Coins make a special sound when […]

Techgamer: Assignment 1

This project is using the prototype provided in the github as a blueprint. I change the planks in the air to have a stair like configuration. I change the environment to get a game feel. I added sound effects for colliding on static objects, jumping and collecting objects. The avatar also supports the double jump […]

goillinois – Assignment 1

The goal of this game is collecting the earths placing around the world as many as you can ! I make my own terrain by following the tutorial online.At the start of the game, I generate 50 earths and put them in random positions. When the user collects the earth, a water drop sound would […]

assignment 1 – paintblade

This is my assignment 1.  I’m sorry for submitting late.  In the game, you control a fallen angel with jumping and gliding (double jump = glide) capabilities, trying to recollect his memory in a land of madness by collecting as many Dark Orbs as possible within 110 seconds.  Use wsad to move and space to […]

Hedeghog’s A1

This is my assignment 1, a simple physics game. The goal of this game is to find your way around the obstacles to collect as many spinning cubes as possible within the allocated time. It will keep track of your current high score. The controls are wasd to move and space to jump. While in […]

munkahunkus – Assignment 1

This is my submission for Assignment 1. The objective of the game is to collect as many bouncing capsules as possible before time runs out. The pickups all respawn at a random position close to the center of the map. Press the Space bar to make the character jump. The R key also restarts the […]

Echuchee Assignment 1

This is my assignment 1. It has background music, a sound effect when you hit anything but the ground(so the pickups,platforms, and walls), and a sound effect when you jump and double jump.  When you jump and double jump the character will change its shape to show that is in a different state. You have […]

Z-Fighter Project 1

Here’s my submission for project 1. Double jump gives a large boost to horizontal speed to bridge large gaps.

Chromious Assignment 1

Run around and collect the cube-sphere-things that fall out of the sky.


This is my submission for Assignment 1. WASD to move, Space to Jump. I’ve added a blue aura around the items when they spawn to make it easier to locate them. I also messed around extensively with trig functions in order to make smooth animations/movements of the character. I have to admit – I like […]

Assignment 1 – idlapacjt – Lappy Explores

Lappy is a just an average everyday laptop exploring the world trying to find upgrade parts. Sorry I forgot to take the debug text off. I ran out of time after I noticed it. Also was not able to do random re-spawning objects. 🙁  

Mebibyte’s Assignment 1

My submission for Assignment 1, Physics Control. You have 30 seconds to collect as many power cubes of awesomeness as you can before your imminent demise.

Assignment 1 – freya

You are a snowman, living in an icy tundra. In order to keep your frozen home, you must collect snowflake coins. Collect as many coins as you can in 60 seconds. Try to beat your high score! There are always 5 coins in the scene, placed in random locations. You may be required to jump […]

cubs2bears Assignment 1 – Lava Land 3D Platformer

Welcome to the sweltering Lava Land. You have one minute to collect as many orbs as possible. Each one will increase your score by 10 points. Try to avoid unnecessary dips into the lava, as each blunder will send you flying with 5 less points. Use your double-jump wisely, as it has been enhanced for […]

Assignment 1 – student89