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[Final Project Presentation] Team: 22/7 Game: Luminator

Game Name: Luminator Team Name: 22/7 (Pi) Members: letsplay, expertcoder, student89 About the game: Created a single player racing game that takes place in the dark Only his headlight to see He can chose paths to get to the end (MiniMap) Collect food and avoid traps Goal: Get to the end as soon as possible […]

Luminator[G5] – Team: 22/7

Game Name: Luminator: Set the wrong turn right Team: 22 by 7 (Pi) Because we are irrational. Members: letsplay, expertcoder, student89 Game: You are a person alone with your car in the dark.You are stuck in this scary maze of a forest where you keep going the same way again and again. You need to […]

student89’s Game Feel Project 2

“3D Road Fighter” is the title of my game. Its a racing game in which the user’s car competes against opponent computer vehicles.

Game Feel Project 1

Here’s my attempt at the Game Feel Project 1. I have implemented two behaviors: Strong/Joyful and Weak/Scared. The behaviors could be toggled using 1 and 2 keys. By pressing the ‘G’ key, sound effects are removed and atmospheric effects are restored to starting of the game. For the strong/Joyful case, the player travels with a […]

Assignment2 Networked Game

Here’s my version of the networked game! Implemented connection establishment over the last assignment A1. States of PlayerObjects and PickUps are synchronized. PlayerObject single jumps. PickUp moves with a constant velocity at a particular height in the play field. Have fun playing the game!

Assignment 1 – student89