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Assignment 2

Bear’s P2 – The Walking Dead: Georgia Tech Edition

Navigate through the zombie apocalypse at Georgia Tech and find a safe haven!

wolverine- Assignment 2

I started the networking game from scratch referring to various tutorials. Removed all the sounds since I was debugging on the same machine.

expertcoder – A2 Networking

This is a simple multi-player game that spawns new players and helps them to collect objects. The Game for now completes the following tasks. Spawns players and server object correctly on the network. Continuous moves server object. Smooth Follow script for each client given. Movement vector is passed onto the server to perform motion.

cubs2bears Assignment #2 – Networking with Penguins

I’m happy to announce the long anticipated release of Networking with Penguins a Multi-Penguin game. As we all know, games these days rarely ship as a complete project. With that in mind, enjoy jumping around with your penguin buddies in pursuit of catching all the eggs. It took a really long time to get the networking […]

Assignment 2 – freya

Move with WASD and Space to jump. Compete with other plays to get the most points by collecting balls of yarn. This first player to 5 points wins.

Overload3d-Networked A2

So if a fish, had one wish, it would be… to fly?

Vulcan’s A2

I decided that, instead of copying junk off the internet, I’d actually try to learn how Unity’s networking functionality worked and build something reasonable. No megafunctions, no god objects, don’t rely on globals, avoid race conditions, pay attention to separation of concerns and encapsulation, that kind of thing. You know, like anybody sane would do. […]

Assignment2 Networked Game

Here’s my version of the networked game! Implemented connection establishment over the last assignment A1. States of PlayerObjects and PickUps are synchronized. PlayerObject single jumps. PickUp moves with a constant velocity at a particular height in the play field. Have fun playing the game!

Assignment 2

This assignment is pretty hard. Still trying.

montspy’s Assignment 2

Here is my assignment 2. I tried to make it not laggy at all, and I think I managed to do it, but it seems to only really work when compiled in standalone for x86_64 platforms. Others (web included) are really bad. I reused part of Assignment 1 for this project.

Pineapple – A2

Not really at all…but you can have fun and hang out with friends.

goillinois -Assignment 2

I just implement the simple version. The player can start from 12 pixed points randomly and the target will change its moving direction when it arrive the point that server gives it. But I cannot update the score and check who wins. So sad

GTVGD03 – Assignment 2

This is my submission for Assignment 2. The goal is to be the first player to collect 5 of the gears moving around the level.

Letsplay Assignment 2 – Networking prototype

In this multiplayer Gottacatch game, I have robo clients who move after a constantly moving (and rotating too, for extra effects) cube just to catch it and win the game!

Assignment 2 – heptad

Well, I did my best.

virtuahost’s Assignment 2 | CS 6457 Fall 2014

Used the old avatar from the previous assignment. There is one bug which is causing the camera to jerk when moving. I was not able to fix it. I tried to implement it as best as I could. Hope this is what was asked.

warl0ck’s Assignment 2

Whew! This assignment has been insane, finally managed to hack something together that manages to satisfy most of the requirements, I hope. The entire project is built from scratch pretty much, the only code / asset reuse is from  my own assignment 1(the main character and the motion scripts), none was taken from the network sample, […]


Here’s my assignment 2. It’s not all there, but each character can move and jump on individual screens. I am new to networking; I did the best I could. The code heavily relies on a combination Professor MacIntyre’s sample code, my previous project, Professor MacIntyre’s sample code, and http://www.paladinstudios.com/2013/07/10/how-to-create-an-online-multiplayer-game-with-unity/. I would also like to thank […]

idlacapjt – A2

I did some of the things. Most of the things I did not do.

Hegehog’s Assignment 2

This is my networking assignment 2. A lot isn’t done but it is what I have finished so far.

Stonewall – Assignment 2

This is my networking game. Use the WASD keys to move and the SPACE key to jump. It’s super janky, but I guess it’s better than nothing. This one was a spirit-breaker.

Mebibyte’s Assignment 2

My submission for Assignment 2, Networking. Play this awesome game with your CLOSEST friends!

Bordemin Assignment 2

The objective of the game below is to collect the cube 5 times before any other player. The music playing in the background was composed by my friend Erik Ashley.  

MJP14 – Assignment 2

Basic networking project.

npai – Assignment 2

Here is my submission for Assignment 2. I’ve never done networking before, so I had a lot of difficulties getting this to work completely. The bulk of my time went on server synchronization. At the end of it all, I had to use a large portion of the sample code to get this to work. […]

munkahunkus – Assignment 2

This is my submission for Assignment 2. This was a serious pain to get even semi-working. On windows, taking the focus off of the unity window causes Update() and FixedUpdate() messages to stop being sent. That means you can’t really test the code by running two or more instances at once.

Z-Fighter’s Assignment 2

Well this was disappointing to say the least. I hate leaving things undone, but it is what it is. Dead reckoning mostly works (just don’t try jumping). The path to the first target is out of sync but after that the server-controlled object is in sync with clients. I’m sure I did something silly there […]

Bossman A2

Grab a friend, because this bad boy is multiplayer! Grab 5 pills before the other player does. Stop reading and play! The other players are probably already in game…

Squarehelius Assignment 2

Implemented the basic design of this network project. Started from my previous project and used the scripts in the sample project. Changed/Added a lot of new stuff and this is the result. Please use arrow keys to control the avatar and space for jump

ragnar’s Assignment 2

Basic networking project. Has the camera following behind the player with the SmoothFollow script, which looks nice.

happypandafrand – Assignment 2

Here’s a little throwback to Harry Potter

Assignment 2 – bear

Bear’s assignment 2. Collect as many purple balls as you can!

Assignment2 – SHYP

Assignment 2 There are some missing parts to this assignments, but here are the functions that are working. The dynamic object floats around the place and when it reaches a certain point, comes back to the center. Multiple players can be added, and their scores are individually shown on their own screen. When a player […]

norigantz – A2

Networking Project

masterchief’s assignment 2

Basically added networking to my A1 game. Used dead reckoning. I think I met all the requirements.

mulletman’s Assignment 2

Here’s something, maybe?

Chromious Assignment 2

This is my feeble attempt at a networked game.

starlord’s Assignment 2

Players can collect cubes and collide with each other, but collisions aren’t being picked up by OnColliderEnter for some reason, so player respawns and scoring don’t work.

tsa2’s Networking Game

tsa2’s simple multiplayer game. Grab the awesome floating balls of awesomeness.

Cloudkicker’s A2 Networking

This is my networking game. Although I don’t think it really qualifies as a game. But if you pretend it is, it’s super fun.

demmina’s Assignment 2

Here is my game for Assignment 2.

Patches – Assignment 2

Here is my networked game. It’s missing some key features, but I guess it’s better submitting something rather than nothing.

Breakfast Time by doomturtle

This is my Assignment 2. The walls are eggs and the floor is bacon.

davidscz’s assignment 2

Nothing much to say, I add the jump function but apparently it does not jump.. (

gglppi’s Assignment 2

Herein I present my half-baked last-minute networking project.

Captaincmy’s Assignment 2

I spent all of my time trying to figure out networking stuff and failed… this is what I got.

KCHEN34’s Assignment 2

This is my attempt at assignment 2. Please disregard the lack of certain features, I didn’t have too much time to work on this game. – Kevin

duetosideeffects’s Assignment 2

WASD to move; Space to jump; collect blue spheres; first to 5 wins.

inttruth Assignment2

Here is my project 2. I was not able to implement everything, but it does have the ability to add multiple players, collect objects with a score, and make the object spawn in 12 different places. The players don’t react to one another, but they do jump….. pretty high. I’m sorry, I have failed you….

Kloudy’s Assignment 2 – Networking Game

Press space to jump. After a player collects 10 objects, they win the game.