Boats on Rails Final Presentation

Boats on Rails is a boat-racing game where the player races against enemy AIs and evades obstacles. To these ends, primary gameplay mechanics (besides accelerating and steering) include drifting, and strafing via cannon fire.

Group Members: gglppi, npai, shyp

The game is designed to be “fast and forgiving” — we want to keep players in the action as much as possible. Achieving this goal required several iterations and playtesting feedback; the exact mechanics of the drifting motion, and the collision physics were continually refined over the course of development. In particular, drifting was changed from a toggle-activated ability to a key-holding paradigm, and was successively modified to be less abrupt and more smooth. The collision physics was continually refined to be less punishing — much more bouncy and elastic than is strictly realistic. Recoil from cannon-fire was made to be stronger to aid in the strafing mechanic, as alpha play-testers found strafing to be more useful than trying to hit things.

After final playtesting, we made some minor tune-ups to the game, including:

  • Re-balancing the AI (to make it easier to recover if you get in last, and harder to stay in first),
  • adding more directional arrows to aid navigation,
  • fixed bugs in the minimap, and
  • made it more clear where the player was on the minimap,
  • reduced the duration of the “spin-out” animation to make it less punishing, and
  • added minor polish effects (like flying woodchips when getting hit with cannon balls).

Note that the video below is “dubbed over” with the background sound track, because it was edited to be below 2 minutes and leaving the original sound in would have been choppy.

Playable game for those interested.

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  1. gglppi says:


    [Asset Store/Bundles]
    Medieval Environment!/content/25602
    wooden fence!/content/19236
    light house
    Palm Tree
    Island with a Village
    Old Farm House
    Picket fence!/content/2630

    Wind Sound
    Gravel sound
    Ambient Lake
    Menu select
    Fog horn

    Water Ripple (test)
    Rough Wood,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNGMG5dB5sYpnYy7AXlaiLIZa1kJrg&ust=1415674585059139
    Rough Wood Planks

    Sail Texture

    Pirate Sail Texture

    Ship Texture
    Stone Masonry
    Bumpy normal map