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Team Newbee – G2

Design Documentation Team Name: Team Newbee Game Name: Chasing Fortune Team Member: davidscz, paintblade, squarehelius   Game Concept We decide to do a 2D adventure puzzle game. The main concept is that the player can navigate through a maze, and in the process he will encounter monsters who will attack him on sight. He can choose […]

SquareHelius P2

The Scarecrow VS The Ghost Hide and Seek with puzzle solving in a scary castle during the night! Hunt or to be Hunted!

Squarehelius Game Feel P1

Hello Everyone, I chose the “nimble and joyful”, “weak and scared” combination as my game feel. However, instead of changing the game feel with buttons, which is not very intuitive to me. So I changed the way of switching different game feel by entering the “castle” in front of the player at the beginning of […]

Squarehelius Assignment 2

Implemented the basic design of this network project. Started from my previous project and used the scripts in the sample project. Changed/Added a lot of new stuff and this is the result. Please use arrow keys to control the avatar and space for jump

SquareHelius Assignment 1

The environment is large. It is intended for future development. Please stay in the ground where the player is set at the beginning. If you fall into the lower level, please just restart the game. Obstacles are ladders that you can use to get to the highest ladder where the rewards are. There are some […]

SquareHelius Assignment 0

Did everything taught in the tutorial plus few textures. The plane uses a texture like a GT football stadium. The walls use standard wall materials. The ball uses a golf ball texture. The color of the collectible cubes are determined randomly at the start of the game