npai – Assignment 2

Here is my submission for Assignment 2. I’ve never done networking before, so I had a lot of difficulties getting this to work completely. The bulk of my time went on server synchronization.

At the end of it all, I had to use a large portion of the sample code to get this to work. The server is able to create players and the target object. The players send keyboard input to the server (or directional input, in case there is a pad). The server then simulates the movement, while sending back just the start location and the direction for the player (and an ending location for the target). The client then computes the offsets/interpolation locally, so that the server does not have to do it. The server then checks its computed values with the local values and updates them as necessary. The jumping is somewhat working, but there were problems with getting the game to sync it up properly. The same applies to score collection; collecting 5 targets technically nets the player the win, but there is not much more than simple text to let them know this. It was just a challenge to get networking to work, and hopefully next project won’t prove as difficult to get working as this one.

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happypandafrand – Assignment 2

Here’s a little throwback to Harry Potter

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