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Boats on Rails [G2] (Mirror)

(This is a copy of the original post by gglppi, https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f14/2014/11/02/boats-on-rails-g2/ ) A game by gglppi, npai, and shyp. Game Idea: Boats on Rails will be a silly, cartoony racing game where the player pilots a boat along a complex water-based course. They will be challenged by enemy AI racing against them along the way, […]

NPAI – Game Feel P2 Pitch and Prototype

Game Name (Tentative): Sail Assault Game Description: This is a top-down ship game, where the player controls a sailing ship and fires cannonballs at the incoming enemies. The enemies are trying to destroy the player and the fort behind the player. It is the player’s goal to destroy the enemies before they manage to do […]

npai – Game Feel P1

Here is my submission for the first Game Feel project. These are the two characteristics I picked: 1) Joyful/Nimble The avatar moves around in a joyful manner, with, joyous head bobbing and arm waving. They are rather quick, and can jump further (and reach places that are not reachable with another character). Their mass is […]

npai – Assignment 2

Here is my submission for Assignment 2. I’ve never done networking before, so I had a lot of difficulties getting this to work completely. The bulk of my time went on server synchronization. At the end of it all, I had to use a large portion of the sample code to get this to work. […]


This is my submission for Assignment 1. WASD to move, Space to Jump. I’ve added a blue aura around the items when they spawn to make it easier to locate them. I also messed around extensively with trig functions in order to make smooth animations/movements of the character. I have to admit – I like […]


Here is my submission for Assignment 0. The cubes’ colors are randomized at the start of the game. I have also added a plane with a texture of the sky as a child of the camera, so that it is always in the view, and things aren’t just floating in the middle of nothing… Well, […]