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cubs2bears GameFeel P2 – Ricochet Racquetball

Ricochet Racquetball Ricochet Racquetball is a racquetball simulation designed for use with an Xbox 360 controller.

cubs2bears GameFeel P1

Welcome to the Fear and Joy of Demon Hunting. In this game, you can switch between two different behaviors. Switching between these behaviors will vary how the character is controlled, what the character is capable of, and the appearance of the game world. The first behavior is a combination of being scared and weak. I […]

cubs2bears Assignment #2 – Networking with Penguins

I’m happy to announce the long anticipated release of Networking with Penguins a Multi-Penguin game. As we all know, games these days rarely ship as a complete project. With that in mind, enjoy jumping around with your penguin buddies in pursuit of catching all the eggs. It took a really long time to get the networking […]

cubs2bears Assignment 1 – Lava Land 3D Platformer

Welcome to the sweltering Lava Land. You have one minute to collect as many orbs as possible. Each one will increase your score by 10 points. Try to avoid unnecessary dips into the lava, as each blunder will send you flying with 5 less points. Use your double-jump wisely, as it has been enhanced for […]

cubs2bears Assignment 0

Below you will find my take on the Roll-a-Ball tutorial. I included textures for the player’s ball, the walls, the ground, and all of the pick-up objects. For the sand material, I chose to use the Bumped Diffuse shader which enables you to include a normal-map, therefore enhancing the sand’s appearance. Enjoy!