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Nintendo424’s P2

This is nintendo424’s P2 project and idea: a zombie shooter where the main character is injured.

Nintendo424’s Game Feel Project 1

In my project, I used several approaches to make the differentiation between an aggressive, strong character and a scared, weak character. For one, I have different lighting between the two. When aggressive and strong, the lighting is red, like the character is angry. When scared and weak, there is not much lighting, just the red […]

Nintendo424’s Assignment 2

This is my networked game project. I took my A1 assets and stripped away the A1 code, starting mostly from scratch (taking the professor’s sample connect code and others as a base). The game uses dead reckoning to display the game to the user, the server making the authoritative decisions using the player’s input. Only […]

Nintendo424’s Assignment 1

For my assignment 1, I forked the professor’s 3D example. I littered the play area with various shapes that can be jumped over. I also added bounding walls to the map, to make it so you can’t fall off. On collection, there is a retro sounding coin clip that is played. For all sounds used […]

Assignment 0 – nintendo424

This is my submission for Assignment 0. I followed the video and made 12 pickup blocks. For the colors, I used a random color generator for the player and pickups. I also created my texture for my name in paint.