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G2 – Fall Zone

Ever wanted to sky dive? Now you can do just that from the comforts of your chair. Our game, Fall Zone, is a first person sky diving game where the player must collect a bunch of items and be able to parachute at the appropriate time to land safely on the ground. On the way […]

KCHEN34’s Project 2

Game Description R2D2 is back again, but this time at night! There are 50 platforms in various locations in the game world. The objective of the game is to jump around and collect all the cubes and reach the 50th platform, before the time runs out. When you get to the 50th platform, there is […]

KCHEN34’s Project 1 – Game Feel

I decided to go for the two combinations of joyful and nimble vs. weak and scared. I decided to go for these two because they are extremely different from each other and I wanted a challenge in terms of coming up with something that would accurately portray those two senses. Joyful and Nimble – For […]

KCHEN34’s Assignment 2

This is my attempt at assignment 2. Please disregard the lack of certain features, I didn’t have too much time to work on this game. – Kevin

KCHEN34’s Assignment 1

This is my rendition of assignment one. The idea is that R2D2 is lost in Jamaica, collecting golden cubes. Enjoy playing, as it took me a while to make! – Kevin

KCHEN34’s Assignment 0

This is my version of the roll ball prototype project for assignment 0. All the balls, cubes, and walls are different textures. My blog id is also on the “ground”. Have fun playing!