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Boats on Rails Final Presentation

Boats on Rails is a boat-racing game where the player races against enemy AIs and evades obstacles. To these ends, primary gameplay mechanics (besides accelerating and steering) include drifting, and strafing via cannon fire. Group Members: gglppi, npai, shyp

Boats on Rails Final Playtesting

Pirate ship racing!

Boats on Rails Alpha

Boats on Rails is a single-player (+ AI enemies) boat racing game.

Boats on Rails G3 — Revised Design

Revised Design Document — Boats on Rails * Differences from previous design: primary differences include the redaction of the boat size morphing mechanic, as per instructor feedback, and further elaboration on designing the boat game-feel and preliminary control design. Sections which differ from our previous post have been marked with an asterisk. Previous blog post […]

Boats on Rails [G2]

A game by gglppi, npai, and shyp. Game Idea: Boats on Rails will be a silly, cartoony racing game where the player pilots a boat along a complex water-based course. They will be challenged by enemy AI racing against them along the way, passive “road hazards” (perhaps better described as “canal hazards”) such as driftwood […]

gglppi’s Project 2: All Terrain Trains

All Terrain Trains A racing game about trains and ridiculous stunts.

gglppi’s P1

I chose to implement Scared-Nimble and Joyful-Dizzy for my two game feels. I made a spider avatar out of primitive shapes to this end. Basic movement controls: WASD + Space for movement and jumping. Walking straight at walls/bed posts/etc allows you to climb vertical (or upside-down) surfaces. Flies buzz around the room and can be […]

gglppi’s Assignment 2

Herein I present my half-baked last-minute networking project.

gglppi’s Assignment 1

Herein lies my physics playground. Character Model(s) I implemented the player (a monkey with an umbrella riding a unicycle) as a collection of simple meshes, primarily spheres and cylinders. I also used the blender “primitive” of a monkey head (“Sue”), and I made three approximately conical meshes to represent states of the umbrella. Of course, […]

gglppi’s Assignment 0

This is my implementation of Unity3D’s getting started tutorial, with some extraneous features (supporting fans, text fading, ‘gem’ acquirement animations) added.