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Alpha Testing (G4)

Alpha build

Team Recess – Alpha

Alpha 11/19/2014 Game Title: Farm Patrol Team: Team Recess Members:  heptad, wolverine Game Premise Farm Patrol will be a two-player cooperative game where the players must use their unique skills to herd and protect farm animals. The farm will have chickens who have gotten loose that must be chased and caught by the two players. Player 1 will be […]

Floating Trip[G4]-Team: Automata

Game Name: Floating Trip Group Name: Automata Team member: goillinois, techgamer Game Description: A boat is floating along a turbulent stream. However, there are lots of rocks blocking on the way. The goal of the player is to control the boat to pass through those obstacles without getting hit by any rock and reach the […]

Ssssucculent – Alpha Build

Game Name: Ssssuculent Team: Ssssuculent Members: montspy, freya, vulcan About the game Ssssucculent is a 2.5D, third-person view “endless runner” style game in which the player controls a snake avatar and tries to gain as many points as possible before the game ends. The game setting is a desert in the southwestern United States, and […]

Luminator[G4]: Team: 22 by 7

Game Name: Luminator: Set the wrong turn right Team: 22 by 7 (Pi) Because we are irrational. Members: letsplay, expertcoder, student89 Game: You are a person alone with your car in the dark.You are stuck in this scary maze of a forest where you keep going the same way again and again. You need to […]

G4: Alpha Build – BBD

Game Title: Window to your soul:A VR horror show Concept: This is a first person VR horror game in which you have to manage your sanity, which varies as you progress through the level. In this alpha the sanity varies as you enter different rooms. As your sanity lowers different effects occur in the game world, the […]

Order of Zinglon – G4

FullSwing Alpha Build

The Adjectives G4

Dog-Fighter Alpha Team: starlord,skro,duetosideeffects

Space Racers G4

Space Racer (Alpha Build) Team Members: lion, pineapple, boxiom Game Idea Space Racer is a time trial space racing game where you control a spaceship avatar, trying to finish the course while avoiding obstacles and collecting and using powerups. Controls WASD to move, B to boost Schedule G4 met all the goals our team had […]

Team Awesome G4

Dungeon Escape Team Name: Team Awesome Team Members: Chromious, Z-Fighter, Mebibyte Game Description: You wake up in a strange dungeon with a puddle of water at your feet. You can see water rushing in from behind you, and a door in front of you. With no idea why ou you are here or what’s going, […]

Team Schism’s G4

Game: Dragon’s Gold Team: Team Schism Members: mulletman, bordemin, overload3d Game Idea: You are a fire-breathing dragon searching for gold in a large open world.

Newbee Alpha Test

Play wondering through the maze to exit to win. Monster is now simply act as patrol. Time limit is on so you need to run as fast as possible! Control: Arrow Keys, Num 1 for Spell (Freeze) Have Fun! :p What we have done: Basic Maze Player can move and cast simple spells Simple Monsters […]

[Blue Barracudas] Moe de Gras G4 (Alpha)

Red vs. Blue, but this is not Halo… it is an epic lawnmower competition! Note: This game is meant to be played fullscreen.

G4 Alpha Build of Elemental – Hipster Cyborgs

Summary We have followed the advice given to us during the project presentations and have implemented a sandbox level for our alpha prototype.  There is no goal to reach in this level, it is simply a small landscape in which the player can run around and experiment with the elements and assets we have implemented […]

G4 – The BrusselSprouts

The Alpha Build has the following functionality: – Player gravity and horizontal movement – Parachute & diving effects of vertical speed – P&D effects of horizontal movement – Player collision with obstacles (sends player into spin) – Player rotation correction when using parachute – Scene Characteristics: – Realistic Clouds – Building, cube obstacles, and green […]

Mancakes’ Alpha Build

Hello All, Here is our Alpha Build of Bearbrella. We achieved all of our Alpha goals, equating to our low bar, in addition to some other stuff: Goals for 19th (equates to low bar): – Basic, crude avatar movement with umbrella “meter” – Some simple obstacles and a scoring system Additional stuff we accomplished: – […]

Zero-G Flee Alpha Game (G4)

Zero-G Flee Alpha What it is: Zero-G Flee is a 2D platformer that stars you as an astronaut on a crumbling spaceship. Some unknown force has attacked your shuttle, and is on the verge of crash landing into an orbiting planet. You must escape before the shuttle crashes! With your jetpack, you must make your […]

Boss Racing Alpha

This is Zombie Castle Defense.  Protect your castle against the oncoming zombies and survive the night! To alternate between trebuchets, use A and D.  Aim with the mouse and shoot your trebuchet by holding down the mouse.  Holding the mouse longer will result in a more powerful trebuchet launch. We met all of our goals […]

Crimson Lightning – It’s a Colorful World – Alpha [G4]

The alpha build for this project demonstrates the use of varied characters to solve a puzzle, as a representation of the idea for the full game version.

Alpha Build – Scrap Daniel & the Sugarpuff Brigade

Here is our Alpha build!

Slower Than Sound Alpha Build [G4]

Introducing the Slower Than Sound Alpha Build! Team Members: Ninebolt DoomTurtle Slower than Sound is a local two player submarine combat game! Play with your friends as you try to take each other to 0 health with torpedoes. After you fire a torpedo, your submarine needs time to recharge, so plan accordingly. The game is […]

Team Bob Waters G4

Play BATTLEMAGE! BATTLEMAGE is an arena based combat game for two players. Each player invokes and casts spells that damages enemies, create obstacles, and create buffs/nerfs. The goal is to reduce your opponent’s hit-points to zero!

Boats on Rails Alpha

Boats on Rails is a single-player (+ AI enemies) boat racing game.