G4: Alpha Build – BBD

Game Title: Window to your soul:A VR horror show


This is a first person VR horror game in which you have to manage your sanity, which varies as you progress through the level. In this alpha the sanity varies as you enter different rooms. As your sanity lowers different effects occur in the game world, the ones implemented in this alpha are the closing down of the walls and floating pumpkins that follow you around if your sanity is too low, and if they hit you they lower your sanity, you loose if your sanity hits zero. Also there are lights in the scene that flicker more as your sanity reduces.

To win the game you must find the key to the locked door.


Look around in the oculus rift,  offset from mouse look. WASD to move around.

F: Toggle Flashlight

M: Bring up Minimap


Well since the Rift plugin causes the Web Player to crash we couldn’t put our build up.

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