Assignment 0 – wolverine

This is my submission for assignment 0 part 2. The texture for my board is ground, for the ball it is fire and the walls are cave stones. The collectible cubes are randomized in color.

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Assignment 0 – bear

Bear’s assignment 0 for CS 4455. Play as the ball and collect all the rotating cubes to win the game!

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techgamer’s assignment0


I followed the video instructions to create the prototype of this game. I textured the player with an earth image. Also, I tried to create a snowy weather for the playground by using particle systems. Enjoy!

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goillinois – Assignment 0

I create this small game by following the tutorial online. I map the play ball with soccer ball texture and the ground with grass texture. I also create some simple trees and let them stand at the corners of the playing ground. Enjoy the game!
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Assignment 0 – happypandafrand

Collect all the spinning squares to win! Use arrow keys to move.

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Demmina’s Assignment 0

Here is my game for Assignment 0.
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thisisaname – Assignment Zero

This is my submission for Assignment Zero. It is fairly simple; the only feature of any real note beyond the requirements is that the colors of the cubes are randomized at the start of the game. The color of the ball is always red. While I find the Unity engine to be fairly intuitive, I decided that meeting the requirements would suffice instead of getting lost in discovery and perfectionism too early on.

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Assignment 0 – Shyp