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Thisisaname – P2

I had to make a ‘Thisisagame’ pun sooner or later. Controls: WASD to move, mouse to turn and look up and down, space to levitate, left mouse to blast (hold to charge), right mouse to grab, mouse wheel to move things closer or further away while grabbed. The premise of this game is simple and […]

Thisisaname – P1

It is at this point where I most came to realize the truth of every game I could think of making being too big. There were several features that weren’t entirely required that I didn’t get a chance to add (though I plan to discuss them), and some required ones that didn’t quite work in […]

thisisaname – Assignment One

A simple submission for a simple assignment. Apart from the use of multiple cameras, it’s worth noting that holding down the jump button while ascending causes you to ascend for slightly longer, and that the doublejump increases horizontal momentum (though not turning speed). All of the collectible items are in the air; some of them […]

thisisaname – Assignment Zero

This is my submission for Assignment Zero. It is fairly simple; the only feature of any real note beyond the requirements is that the colors of the cubes are randomized at the start of the game. The color of the ball is always red. While I find the Unity engine to be fairly intuitive, I […]