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October 2014


Play BATTLEMAGE! Gather your spells and unleash their fury upon your foes! Arena based combat for two players, where each player invokes spells that buff themselves, nerfs the enemy or does damage to the enemy. Each spell costs mana to use, and to get mana back, a player has to pick up mana orbs around […]

mjp14 – P2

ZOMBIE KITCHEN Deliver as much food as you can to the zombies before time runs out! The player is in an open field surround by zombies. The goal of Zombie Kitchen is to deliver as much food to the horde or zombies as you can. Zombies are usually hungry for human flesh so I wanted […]

Pandora’s Wake (Paintblade – GameFeel2)

Pandora’s Wake is a 2D top-down view treasure hunt, where your objective is to wander a mysterious world collecting magical treasure chests.


The high-level idea of this game is a flying game! The player should be immersed into a world and experience the sensation of weight, height, shifts, loops, speed, boosts, spins– in a word, flight. This core mechanic can be turned into anything if it is truly as immersive as it needs to be. Maybe a […]

GF Project 2 – freya

You are a mother duck and all of your ducklings are missing! You must lead them safely back to the pond.

P2 from techgamer

Game Goal: The goal for the prototype is to find a target object hidden in a block maze in the air in a given amount of time. The game set up is in a gloomy/foggy day when lightnings are striking across the sky. The avatar is lost in an overwhelming maze. It has to collect […]

masterchief’s P2 – Snow Man Racing

Prototype Controls WASD for movement and space bar to jump/double jump. ‘R’ to reset melt countdown for testing purposes. Refresh page to restart game for now. Game Description My game idea takes the classic racing genre and adds a twist, melting snowmen! The player plays as a snowman trying to reach the finish area, but […]

[P2: The Moe Prototype] IDLAPACJT

PITCH (This is almost verbatim from my presentation.) Here’s the concept. Play as a lawnmower. Think Pacman but more freedom, more dots, and more fun. It’s fast paced. It’s easy to pick up, but it’s hard to master. Score points by devouring the grass. There will be power-ups, obstacles of various kinds, a time limit, […]

Pineapple – P2

Game title: Jellyfish Fields! Rescue the a krabby patty that Plankton has stolen by catching blue jellyfish and avoiding being stung by red jellyfish. WASD to move, Space to jump. Enjoy!

wrobert – p2

Overview My game is a mix of a simple puzzle game (like Katamari) with a heavy physics-based, zero gravity game feel. The most enjoyable game feel to me is that of gravitational physics (as realistic as possible) and I thought I would combine it with a simple but (hopefully) addicting game mechanic of seeking items […]

norigantz – P2

Gunslide – Game Feel Prototype

cubs2bears GameFeel P2 – Ricochet Racquetball

Ricochet Racquetball Ricochet Racquetball is a racquetball simulation designed for use with an Xbox 360 controller.

JukesofHazard – P2

Game Pitch You’re a wizard who’s had his powers stolen! Search the maze to get your powers back, and find the exit. You’ll have to fight or sneak past monsters in the maze to survive! The player’s objective is to make it to the end of the maze in one piece. They don’t have to […]

Mebibyte’s Project 2

Ghost Captor Use your Ghost Detector Surface (GDS) to find and capture ghosts throughout a haunted house!

Z-Fighter’s Game Feel P2

This is a simple puzzle game where the player must reach the exit of each floor before it fills with water. Controls are WASD and E to interract with objects. The “game feel” I wanted to express was a somewhat tense and creepy atmosphere. To that aim I used a variety of different elements that […]

Demmina’s Game Feel Project 2

Here is my Game Feel Project 2.

ragnar’s P2

Bossman P2 – Penguin Slide

Prototype Controls WASD or arrow keys to control movement (forward and backwards adds slight speed or reduces speed). There is no reset so you must refresh the page. Game Description My game idea is a downhill penguin racing game. The goal is simple, make it to the bottom of the mountain as fast as possible […]

Skro’s P2, skro.

Float: You’ve been equipped with a Jetpack and tasked with collecting coins, but be careful, you have a limited flight time and running into anything will cut it short!  

SquareHelius P2

The Scarecrow VS The Ghost Hide and Seek with puzzle solving in a scary castle during the night! Hunt or to be Hunted!

goillinois – Game Feel 2

Game Name: Go Ahead. Player has to pass through a road and avoid being hit by the bullets flying towards him and also the obstacles on the road.

munkahunkus – Game Feel Project 2

Game Pitch The General Idea When I started building this game, I wanted to build a game that forced players to approach a level or challenge from two different perspectives at the same time.  Using Unity’s built in physics engine, I wanted to create a game where the Spatial Simulation could be drastically altered by […]

Hedgehog P2

Hanging on. My prototype game experimenting with rope like mechanics on a side scroller.

inttruth Assignment P2

Game Description: The name of my game is called “Track Star”, and I came up with a story for it. You’ve entered a track and field event for your school. Problem is, you get tired so easily, it will be impossible for you to win! The only way to possibly win is to cheat the […]

Project 2 – SHYP

Escape the Maze Escape the endless dark maze before the time runs out!

Bordemin P2

Game Description My Waiter/Waitress Simulator, is set in a bar. In this game, you will gain and lose points based off tasks you complete at the bar. I want the player to feel like they really are working at a bar. The tasks the player will have to complete include: taking customer orders, busting tables, […]

Cloudkicker – P2 – Be A Jerk

Be A Jerk – My P2 submission. Destroy the whole world and you win!

GTVGD03 – P2 – GrayLight

GrayLight is a survival horror game where you must manage your character’s sanity while avoiding the monsters that lurk in the shadows.

tsa2’s Project 2

tsa2’s Project 2

KCHEN34’s Project 2

Game Description R2D2 is back again, but this time at night! There are 50 platforms in various locations in the game world. The objective of the game is to jump around and collect all the cubes and reach the 50th platform, before the time runs out. When you get to the 50th platform, there is […]

duetosideeffects’s Project 2

HOVERCRAFT BATTLE Control a giant hover craft to shoot at other giant hovercrafts.

Chromious P2 Prototype

This is a prototype for a game based on the player controlling particles that give off magnetic fields, with the goal of maneuvering a free particle through a simple maze.

Boxiom’s Game Feel 2 – Timmy Tinkle

My goals for this prototype were to expand off the simple “scary” game feel of my last assignment and focus on avatar movement and further polish effects. I hoped to create an atmospheric “horror” game, with the intention of hindering player movement and visibility to enhance the immersion and challenge. I wanted the player to […]

Super Heavy

Super Heavy is a game where you control the moon and destroy everything in your way.

gglppi’s Project 2: All Terrain Trains

All Terrain Trains A racing game about trains and ridiculous stunts.

baguettebaguette Game Feel P2

My game is called DreamScape, I went for a dreamlike level, with dreamy music and player interaction sounds.  Collect as many coins as you can in 60 seconds!

mulletman’s Game Feel Project 2

Smiley Sphere Shooter: You’re a happy-go-lucky ball that rolls around the level shooting balls of fire.

Ninebolt’s P2 – Submarine Chef

Submarine Chef! You are a basic submarine chef who has to fill in on different stations when crewmates get injured, all while making food for the entire crew!

verryberry1 – Alice, Go Home!

My P2 prototype idea is to portray the main character, Alice, who undergoes an adventurous journey through Wonderland in order to find the frantically late White Rabbit that can help her return home!

student89’s Game Feel Project 2

“3D Road Fighter” is the title of my game. Its a racing game in which the user’s car competes against opponent computer vehicles.

Montspy’s P2 – Ssssucculent

Game description Snaky is a cool snake, he loves roaming in his desert. But Snaky is hungry, and Snaky eats cute bunnies when he is hungry… You have to catch up on the rodents and eat them! Learn to slalom fast and smoothly around the randomly generated obstacles (rocks, cacti, rivers, sand holes). And attack […]

Letsplay – Pitch for GameFeel Assignment 2

I have created a treasure hunt game for this project.

Bear’s P2 – The Walking Dead: Georgia Tech Edition

Navigate through the zombie apocalypse at Georgia Tech and find a safe haven!

Captaincmy’s P2

My game prototype plays with an agile and energetic feel. The idea is to create a unique game play experience by switching between 3D and 2D views. The player will go through the two different play modes figuring out how to best play each of the versions. Later I plan to implement power ups where […]

Kloudy’s P2 “Gasket” Prototype

“Gasket” is a an arcade style first person shooter where the point of the game is to clear as many targets as you can before time runs out.

Patches – Project 2

The name of my game is Switch-a-roo. It’s a game where you switch between two different characters, each with only one ability, to complete a puzzle.

Valirek’s P2

Inorganics: A game of possession, stealth, and escape with an emphasis on varying game feels that tie in to the main game mechanic.

Lion’s P2

Control Boost with B, Jump with space bar, move left and right w arrow keys. Brake with down key. Limited # of boosts (but more can be picked up) Avoid enemies and don’t fall!!

Stonewall – Project 2

Cosmic Custodian: Explore the vacuum of space and collect debris.

happypandafrand – P2

Trucker Simulator Pitch: You are trucker driver that must deliver a package to stores around the city. Your big truck is tough and will knock obstacles clear out of its path. However, be mindful of the truck’s health or else you must start the path to the store all over again.  There is also some […]