Techgamer: Assignment 1

This project is using the prototype provided in the github as a blueprint. I change the planks in the air to have a stair like configuration. I change the environment to get a game feel. I added sound effects for colliding on static objects, jumping and collecting objects. The avatar also supports the double jump function. Objects to collect will respawn after being collected.
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goillinois – Assignment 1

The goal of this game is collecting the earths placing around the world as many as you can ! I make my own terrain by following the tutorial online.At the start of the game, I generate 50 earths and put them in random positions. When the user collects the earth, a water drop sound would occur and this collected earth would appear in another random place. For the background music, I the theme song of Game of Throne (my favorite TV show) ! In addition, when the character hits the hill or tree or the floating plane, a sword collision sound would come out. Enjoy the game!
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This is my submission for Assignment 1. WASD to move, Space to Jump.
I’ve added a blue aura around the items when they spawn to make it easier to locate them. I also messed around extensively with trig functions in order to make smooth animations/movements of the character. I have to admit – I like how that turned out.

Background music:
Sound effects:

Ground texture:
Brick texture:

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Assignment 1 – wolverine

This is my submission for assignment 1.  40 random “cheese cubes” are generated at random locations and as each cube is collected a new random cube is generated. I have tried to distinguish the double jump with separate sound and added a x trajectory to it and also tweaked around with the values in the sample code to distinguish the air jump.

Controls: Space for jump / start/ restart, WASD for navigation. You can take quick and long leaps in the intended direction by pressing the space and W or S (up or down) key in sequence.

The sounds have been downloaded from


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Assignment 1 – SHYP

Assignment 1

This game is based on a candy theme.
The main character which is a lollipop will be jumping around the candy platforms to collect the jellybeans to get some scores.
You get 60 seconds to collect as many jellybeans as you can.

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thisisaname – Assignment One

A simple submission for a simple assignment. Apart from the use of multiple cameras, it’s worth noting that holding down the jump button while ascending causes you to ascend for slightly longer, and that the doublejump increases horizontal momentum (though not turning speed). All of the collectible items are in the air; some of them can only be jumped to from atop the terrain. Falling out of the (admittedly somewhat small) game area results in a premature game over.

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