Crimson Lightning – Final Presentation – [G6]

Information of our team’s final project “It’s a Colorful World”, including a demo video displaying gameplay.

Crimson Lightning Members

  • nintendo424:
  • verryberry1:
  • valirek:

What worked?

  • Building a happy bright aesthetic
  • Multi-character control
  • FUN + interactive puzzles
  • Explorable environment
  • Varied character feels
    • Weight
    • Speed
    • Jump height

What didn’t work?

  • Having 4+ characters and puzzles
  • Directing players in an obvious way to the level end
  • Possible solutions:
    • Better game UI
    • Use of arrows for direction
    • GUI text to indicate each puzzle zone
  • NPC characters to interact with
    • Time constraints made this feature hard to implement

Lessons learned

  • Getting the “right” feel for a character is hard
  • Direction towards the game goal is important, but not too much to prevent exploration
  • Adding polish effects takes more time than expected

Adjustments made

  • In general:
    • Tweaking jumping mechanics
    • Redesigning puzzle layouts (more fun)
    • Clear indications of puzzle completion (lights, exit bridge location, sound)
  • After final playtest:
    • Increase music volume
    • Further jump tweaking
    • Make 2nd puzzle more visible

What we would change looking back

  • Adding a better game UI in general
  • Make clearer directions (text popups/tutorials) that explain the goal of the level while still encouraging open exploration
  • Make puzzles more dynamic and interactive (more than just switches)
  • We originally had an idea to “bring color” to grey areas where puzzles were solved, but due to time constraints this was never implemented
  • Adding more varied characters and puzzles
  • Adding NPCs as originally planned that the player can interact with
  • Allowing more flexibility in camera movement (think like 3D mario games)
  • Add more inputs to control characters (more than just WASD, could use controller)

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