Team Awesome Final Presentation

The player wakes up in a dark dungeon with slowly rising water at their feet.  The player must escape the  dungeon by completing puzzles before they drown!

Team Awesome Team Members:  ChromiousMebibyteZ-Fighter

What did we change between playtests?  During playtesting, we noticed that players were struggling with the switches puzzle, so we added a hint make the puzzle easier to solve.  A small spotlight illuminates the ground in front of the correct combination of switches.  To better establish the connection between the torches on the wall and the switches, the torch animation was tweaked.  A new wading sound was added to the avatar when the water gets deep.  And lastly, we added a new level with a maze.

We had some exciting successes with our game.  We managed to successfully create an urgent feel and desire to escape, with the dramatic lighting, eerie noises, and rising water.  We also successfully tricked the players who playtested our game with framing effects in our puzzles.  Because of the layout of the levels, players almost always try the wrong switch first for the switches puzzle and the wrong paths first for the maze.

The most obvious shortcoming of our game was the lack of usefulness of the hint.  Players either did not notice or understand the spotlights used to indicate the correct switch combination.  This could be due to the fact that the lights for the switches do not change when the switch is flipped.  If the state of the spotlight changed with the switch, the hint might become more obvious to the player.

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