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Team Awesome Final Presentation

The player wakes up in a dark dungeon with slowly rising water at their feet.  The player must escape the  dungeon by completing puzzles before they drown! Team Awesome Team Members:  Chromious, Mebibyte, Z-Fighter

Chromious P2 Prototype

This is a prototype for a game based on the player controlling particles that give off magnetic fields, with the goal of maneuvering a free particle through a simple maze.

Chromious’ P1 Game Feel Experiment

This is a summary of some of the things I have done to try and create game feel; The two adjectives I choose are Agressive and Nimble. Agressive in this case means feisty, and Nimble means kind-of-fast and can climb trees.

Chromious Assignment 2

This is my feeble attempt at a networked game.

Chromious Assignment 1

Run around and collect the cube-sphere-things that fall out of the sky.

chromious – Assignment 0

This is my implementation of Assignment 0. Use the arrow keys to roll the ball and collect cubes.