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Patches – Project 2

The name of my game is Switch-a-roo. It’s a game where you switch between two different characters, each with only one ability, to complete a puzzle.

Patches – Project 1

This is my game feel project. My first feeling was Aggressive/Strong and my second was Joyful/Nimble.  Press 1 for Aggressive/Strong, 2 for Joyful/Nimble and G to toggle polish effects. Movement is based on WASD keys and mouse to turn.

Patches – Assignment 2

Here is my networked game. It’s missing some key features, but I guess it’s better submitting something rather than nothing.

Patches – Assignment 1

This is my basic physics controller assignment. You  are able to control the character with the WASD keys as well as use the Spacebar to jump. Pressing spacebar in the air will allow you to double jump. You have 30 seconds to collect as many red cubes as possible. They are randomly generated and spawn […]

Patches – Assignment 0

Here is my roll-a-ball game. You play using the WASD keys to move the ball. The objective of the game is to collect all the cubes.