Space Racer G2 Initial Design

Game Title: Space Racer
Team Members: pineapple, lion, boxiom

Our game is a time-trial space racing game. You navigate a spaceship avatar avoiding obstacles like asteroids. You can collect powerups, such as the ability to shoot oncoming asteroids, as well as boost. You have health which you lose by colliding with obstacles and you can also sacrifice health for the sake of speed. Because of the space environment, you have five directions of movement, creating a more challenging experience.
The game is set in outer space and as a result has no gravity and air resistance. There are random obstacles scattered throughout the track as well as teleports and boost rings. What makes this game is fun is that it’s a very quick response game and it make the player want to achieve mastery through time trials. It’s also unique in each playing since the location of obstacles are randomized.
The game feel we’re going for is very fast-paced with a sense of urgency and danger. Since there’s no air resistance or gravity, controls will be very tight.
Our current goals for G4 are to essentially have the core game environment and mechanics set up. We plan to have the ship mechanics done, which include steering, shooting, boost, and health. We also plan to have the auto generated asteroids in place as well as the time limit so the game is playable.
For G5, our goals are to add powerups, pickup objects, boost rings, and teleports to the game world. We also want to add the final polish effects to the game.

Design Document