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verryberry1 – Alice, Go Home!

My P2 prototype idea is to portray the main character, Alice, who undergoes an adventurous journey through Wonderland in order to find the frantically late White Rabbit that can help her return home!

verryberry1’s Game Feel Experiment P1

This is a game demonstrating a scared, weak character who can become strong, aggressive at the quick control of user’s key press!

verryberry1’s Networking Game

Dinosaur eggs are rolling around and flying EVERYWHERE! The first player to collect all five of them wins. Multiple players try to gather the eggs, so you have to be fast & accurate.

verryBerry1 – Catch a Soccer Ball!

The goal of this game is for the player to collect as many soccer balls as possible within the time limit of 35 seconds. The character has the capability to move around, single jump, and double jump!

verryberry1’s Assignment 0

As my very first project using Unity, I built an object collection game via following the tutorial. I created a total of 12 pickup cubes and their collision functionality with the ball by adding a rigid body and making the ball (player)  kinematic. For modifications to the original Roll-a-Ball game, I applied different textures and […]