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inttruth Assignment P2

Game Description: The name of my game is called “Track Star”, and I came up with a story for it. You’ve entered a track and field event for your school. Problem is, you get tired so easily, it will be impossible for you to win! The only way to possibly win is to cheat the […]

inttruth’s Assignment P1

Here is my game. It implements the behaviors scared/weak and strong/aggressive. Press 1 and 2 respectively to play the behaviors.

inttruth Assignment2

Here is my project 2. I was not able to implement everything, but it does have the ability to add multiple players, collect objects with a score, and make the object spawn in 12 different places. The players don’t react to one another, but they do jump….. pretty high. I’m sorry, I have failed you….

inttruth Assignment1

Here is my game. There are randomly spawning ghosts that you must catch. The double jump is enabled with sound and arm animation. I couldn’t get all of the sound to work together, however…

inttruth Assignment0

This is my project for Assignment0.  I haven’t had a lot of time to use Unity before, so this project helped me out a lot (so did the unity forum for colors).  You roll around and collect the cubes (have randomly generated colors as well). When you collect all of the cubes, the ball turns […]