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P2 – heptad

Pitch The idea for this game is to have a sidescroller with two different playable avatars that have different movements and abilities. Avatar 1 is the main avatar that can collect objects. Avatar 2 is a helper avatar that can move freely and hit orbs to change Avatar 1’S abilities. The goal for the player […]

P1 – heptad

NOTE: When I built it, I got the warning “Built with beta version of Unity. Will only work on your computer!” I have the UI beta installed, so I believe it will only work if you also have the UI beta. G = turn off/on special effects. 1 = joyful, dizzy Sort of like a […]

Assignment 2 – heptad

Well, I did my best.

Assignment 1 – heptad

Based off the faux-2D Github example. Resources: http://pixelnest.io/tutorials/2d-game-unity/table-of-contents/ http://www.soundjay.com/button-sounds-1.html http://www.nosoapradio.us/

Assignment 0 – heptad

Roll-a-ball. Use arrow keys or WASD to collect the 12 cubes.