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Final Testing (G5)

Final playtesting build

Ssssucculent – Final Testing

Game Name: Ssssuculent Team: Ssssuculent Members: montspy, freya, vulcan About the game Ssssucculent is a 2.5D, third-person view “endless runner” style game in which the player controls a snake avatar and tries to gain as many points as possible before dying. The game setting is a desert in the southwestern United States, and all characters […]

G5 Updated – Scrap Daniel & the Sugarpuff Birgade Final Version

This is the final version of our project after we made changes based on feed back from the last round of testing. After reviewing the feedback we have updated the GUI and the layout of the game level.

Floating Trip[G5]-Team : Automata

Game Name: Floating Trip Group Name: Automata Team member: goillinois, techgamer Game Description: A boat is floating along a turbulent stream. However, there are lots of rocks blocking on the way. The goal of the player is to control the boat to pass through those obstacles without getting hit by any rock and reach the […]

Team Recess – G5

Game Name: Farm Patrol Members: heptad, wolverine Team Name: Team Recess Game Premise:  Farm Patrol  is a two-player cooperative game where the players must use their unique skills to herd and protect farm animals. The farm will have chickens who have gotten loose that must be chased and caught by the two players. Player 1 is a farmer, […]

G5 Final PlayTesting Build — BBD

Game Title: Window to your soul:A VR horror show Concept: This is a first person VR horror game in which you have to manage your sanity, which varies as you progress through the level. In this final build we have one level design with 3 different rooms containing different obstacles connected by corridors. There is […]

Luminator[G5] – Team: 22/7

Game Name: Luminator: Set the wrong turn right Team: 22 by 7 (Pi) Because we are irrational. Members: letsplay, expertcoder, student89 Game: You are a person alone with your car in the dark.You are stuck in this scary maze of a forest where you keep going the same way again and again. You need to […]

Team Schism G5

Team Name: Team Schism Team Members: Bordemin, Mulletman, Overload3d IMPORTANT: You must play in full screen mode or zoom in on your browser to be able to properly see the guiText that tells you how many legendary objects you’ve collected. Game Description: This is an open world game in which you are a dragon searching for […]

[Blue Barracudas] Moe de Gras G5 Final Testing Build

Final form of game for playtesting, just missing a few final touches before presentation. Controls are still WASD for the left side and arrow keys for the right side. All that is left to do is improve the user interface stuff (size, placement, colors, etc.).

Team Awesome G5

Dungeon Escape Team Name: Team Awesome Team Members: Chromious, Z-Fighter, Mebibyte Game Description: You wake up in a strange dungeon with a puddle of water at your feet. You can see water rushing in from behind you, and a door in front of you. With no idea why ou you are here or what’s going, […]

The Adjectives Final Playtesting Build (G5)

Dog-Fighter Final Playtesting Build Team: starlord,skro,duetosideeffects

The BrusselSprouts – G5