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Scrap Daniel & the Sugarpuff Brigade

Lol, Wut?

G6 Final Presentation – Scrap Daniel & the Sugarpuff Brigade

cloudkicker captaincmy wrobert666 Space Balls to the Wall In terms of what goals we did and did not achieve, we managed to achieve all of our expected target goals. We also managed to implement a few stretch features that we set as the high bar, so we were pretty happy about that. What we implemented: […]

G5 Updated – Scrap Daniel & the Sugarpuff Birgade Final Version

This is the final version of our project after we made changes based on feed back from the last round of testing. After reviewing the feedback we have updated the GUI and the layout of the game level.

G5 Final Build – Scrap Daniel & the Sugarpuff Brigade

Here is our game, titled “Space Balls to the Wall”.

Alpha Build – Scrap Daniel & the Sugarpuff Brigade

Here is our Alpha build!

Scrap Daniel & the Sugarpuff Brigade – Updated Design Docs

wrobert666 cloudkicker captaincmy Design Document Game Idea: The game that we would like to implement is a top-down (2D) zero-gravity, physics based shooter. The game will take place in space where the player is in control of a spaceship. The goal of the game will be to destroy the incoming fleet of enemy spaceships that […]

Scrap Daniel & the Sugarpuff Brigade – Group Project

GROUP MEMBERS: cloudkicker, captaincmy, wrobert666 Presentation Link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1TC5iT96XSDAsRiC-sBBfXFXc5dmWnJZuzHNnkSXBlZE/edit?usp=sharing Design Document Game Idea: – Top down, gravity/physics based shooter – Takes place in space – Player controls spaceship – Goal – Destroy the enemy fleet before they destroy you! – Player movement is affected by gravity of nearby objects COLLISIONS with objects in the world…. – […]