Scrap Daniel & the Sugarpuff Brigade – Group Project

GROUP MEMBERS: cloudkicker, captaincmy, wrobert666

Presentation Link:

Design Document

Game Idea:
– Top down, gravity/physics based shooter
– Takes place in space
– Player controls spaceship
– Goal – Destroy the enemy fleet before they destroy you!

– Player movement is affected by gravity of nearby objects
COLLISIONS with objects in the world….
– if player collides with object LARGER than itself….
lose health, shrink in size. eventually die! you lose.
– if player collides with object SMALLER than itself…
absorb object, gain health, gain gravity strength

– Shoot projectiles at enemy ships
– Projectiles affected by gravity as well
– Need to account for gravity when firing
– Challenging
– Skill Based

– Planets as environmental obstacles
2 types:
– Gaseous
Player can absorb – gain powerups/effects
– Rocky
Static/non absorbable – serve as “level” design


Low bar: A game that has planets in the middle with gravity that affect the bullets of the player with other players on the opposing side to shoot.

Medium bar: Low bar + Different types of planets (gaseous vs rocky)

High bar: Medium bar + powerups for the different types of gaseous planets and having health determined by the size of the player.


Nov. 7 – fireable bullets that are affected by gravity – Clay
Nov. 14 – opposing players – William
Nov. 21 – opposing players that fire back at the character – Kevin
Nov. 28 – Different types of planets (gaseous vs Rocky) – Clay
Dec. 5 – Final Level design implemented that is neither too difficult nor too easy – William

Goals at Milestones:

Alpha playtest: Our goal for the alpha playtest is to give the players opponents to shoot at while testing our core game mechanic of gravity influenced bullets. We decided to focus on delivering these aspects of the game since they are the vital ones for the final product. Due to this we want to get as much feedback on these features. We want to know if the gravity is too much or too little, whether the movement of the player is too loose or tight. This way we can have a polished game as soon as possible.

Final Playtest: We would like to have all of the bugs from the alpha playtest solved with the added features of the different types of planets. This will also mean having a very solid level design at the time of the playtest. We hope to get any final tweaking feedback from this playtest regarding the feedback from the alpha playtest. We also want to know whether or not the distinction between the different types of planets was drastic enough and that the nature of the planets is intuitive.

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