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G4: Alpha Build – BBD

Game Title: Window to your soul:A VR horror show Concept: This is a first person VR horror game in which you have to manage your sanity, which varies as you progress through the level. In this alpha the sanity varies as you enter different rooms. As your sanity lowers different effects occur in the game world, the […]

BBD – Revised Documents

Game Name: Window to your soul: A VR Horror show. Team: BBD Members: warl0ck, gtvgd03, virtuahost Game: The player starts in a nightmare. He/ she is trapped in the nightmare by his/ her darkest fear and cannot wake up. To wake up the player has to move around in their nightmare and find clues to […]


Design Document Game Name: Window to your soul: A VR Horror show. Team: BBD Members: warl0ck, gtvgd03, virtuahost

warl0ck’s Game Feel P2

Game Description: In this game prototype I’m trying to build a third-person game in which you have to dodge bullets in a corridor with your slowmo powers.

warl0ck Game Feel – P1

I’m going for joyful and dizzy in one mode and weak and scared in the other.Also, another goal I had for this project was to try and learn mecanim, so I’m trying to convey all the Game Feel using character animation’s  and interaction with environmental objects.

warl0ck’s Assignment 2

Whew! This assignment has been insane, finally managed to hack something together that manages to satisfy most of the requirements, I hope. The entire project is built from scratch pretty much, the only code / asset reuse is from  my own assignment 1(the main character and the motion scripts), none was taken from the network sample, […]

warl0ck’s Assignment 1

So I have this weird robotic thing, it needs to pick up crate’s that are spawning randomly, one at a time. The crate’s  spawn randomly and fall down, once you pick one up the next one spawns.

Assignment 0

Here is my unity game for Assignment 0. I have made the cubes different colors, attached a texture with my alias on it and generally made everything more colorful.