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Boxiom’s Game Feel 2 – Timmy Tinkle

My goals for this prototype were to expand off the simple “scary” game feel of my last assignment and focus on avatar movement and further polish effects. I hoped to create an atmospheric “horror” game, with the intention of hindering player movement and visibility to enhance the immersion and challenge. I wanted the player to […]

Boxiom’s GAME FEEL EXPERIMENT – Tinkle Trials

For my game feel experiment I combined the behaviors “Scary” and “Dizzy” to create a game called Tinkle Trials. In this game you play Timmy Coconut, a small boy afraid of his own shadow. It’s the middle of the night and you need to make it the toilet without hitting any squeaky floorboards, falling down […]

Boxiom’s Networking Game!

This assignment made me seriously consider suicide. It mostly works.

Boxiom’s A1: Bobby Palm Tree

Your name is Bobby and you live in a dystopian future where all men are evolved from palm trees. You must pick up the boxes of palm juice so your successors can grow big and tall. Picking up one box will spawn three, can you beat your high score?

Boxiom’s Assignment 0

For the first assignment I followed Unity’s “Roll-A-Ball” tutorial and created a similar game where the user controls a ball and has to  pick up all 12 objects to win.  Different from the tutorial, my game also displays my  blog ID on the surface plane and uses a script to randomly generate colors for the pickups. Having not used Unity […]