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Play BATTLEMAGE! Gather your spells and unleash their fury upon your foes! Arena based combat for two players, where each player invokes spells that buff themselves, nerfs the enemy or does damage to the enemy. Each spell costs mana to use, and to get mana back, a player has to pick up mana orbs around […]

JukesofHazard – P2

Game Pitch You’re a wizard who’s had his powers stolen! Search the maze to get your powers back, and find the exit. You’ll have to fight or sneak past monsters in the maze to survive! The player’s objective is to make it to the end of the maze in one piece. They don’t have to […]

jukesofhazard – GFP1

You are a little Mars rover exploring Mars, but the scary aliens are hunting you. You don’t have any proof they exist, but you’re a-quaking in your boots! Your fear grants you the ability to phase through objects! However, press the 2 key to enter your final form and become unstoppable!!! WS to move forward […]

Assignment 2 – jukesofhazard

Duke it out to collect points! WASD to move and space to jump. First to 5 wins!

Assignment 1 – jukesofhazard

Collect the cubes! Use WASD to move, and space to jump. The colors of the collectibles and the player object are randomly generated at the beginning of each game.

Assignment 0 – jukesofhazard

Collect the cubes! Use the arrow keys to move. The map is the Dota2 map, and the cubes are where the towers / ancients are. Enjoy!