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Lion’s P2

Control Boost with B, Jump with space bar, move left and right w arrow keys. Brake with down key. Limited # of boosts (but more can be picked up) Avoid enemies and don’t fall!!

Lion’s P1 Game Feel

While the layout is very similar to my other assignments, I made lots of changes to the code base. Most of all, I have two ways to move the characters. Dizzy and Scared (1): This character accelerates very slowly, makes for mario-cart like turning, and a gradual deceleration. This causes the illusion of hesitant or […]

Lion’s Assignment 2

This is my assignment 2… Phew what an assignment! I can’t believe I finally made it. 🙂 I used the sample code, but changed almost all parts – giving me a strong understanding of the system. Jump height is 48ish. Cube height is 35. Player height is about 2 units. The player does not rotate […]

Lion’s Assignment 1

This is my assignment 1… First jump shoots the ball up (and then it slowly re-inflates). Double jumps does a flip and goes much higher 🙂 Must let go of jump to be able to ever jump again. Bee sound background & “ouch” when you hit a wall. Other requirements as described…

Lion’s Assignment 0

This is my assignment 0… I make each pickUp a random color upon startup. The ball is red, the walls are orange, and the floor is grassy with my username written on it.  Finally, I made a ramp with a jump to get to the last pickUp. Press R to restart.