Boss Racing Final Presentation


Changes and Reasons for Changes

We made a few modifications to our game based on playtesting.  Most notably is the omission of an avatar atop the wall with the ability to shoot magical fireballs at the oncoming zombies.  We believe that this ability would have been significantly less effective than the trebuchets thus never used, and that it would take away from the main game feel effect that we wanted to convey: crushing zombies with massive boulders.  This version of our game has met all of our minimal features as well as some of our target features.  Additionally, we added many features to our game that we did not originally intend on.  The two stand out features being the crosshair target displayed on the ground when firing the trebuchet, and an explosive boulder.  We felt that these two features would make the game more fun, assisting with aim as well as increasing the amount of zombies killed with each boulder.

What we Learned

Playtesting was extremely useful to us.  We were able to get a lot of feedback and suggestions on ideas that we had never even though of.  The idea to include a crosshair stood out for us in playtesting.  We also had the suggestion to uninvert the camera, but after considering this heavily we decided not to follow through with it.  Watching users playtest also helped us to get some more ideas about what ways we needed to improve our game.  For instance, in the first playtest, most people did not realize that you could hold down the mouse to launch a boulder further.  This led to us including a charge up meter which seemed successful in the later build to show that you could charge up the trebuchet and launch it further.


If we were to continue this project, the next steps would be to add additional levels with more difficulty options.  Right now, the Zombie AI is pretty basic, but we would love to have the option to fight against smarter zombies who dodge boulders, and attack more strategically.

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