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Ssssucculent – G3

Team: Ssssucculent Game name: Ssssucculent Members: freya, montspy, vulcan Revised design document Game idea Ssssucculent is a 2.5D, third-person view “endless runner” style game in which the player controls a snake avatar and tries to gain as many points as possible before the game ends. The game setting is a desert in the southwestern United […]

Montspy’s P2 – Ssssucculent

Game description Snaky is a cool snake, he loves roaming in his desert. But Snaky is hungry, and Snaky eats cute bunnies when he is hungry… You have to catch up on the rodents and eat them! Learn to slalom fast and smoothly around the randomly generated obstacles (rocks, cacti, rivers, sand holes). And attack […]

montspy – Assignment P1

This is my Game Feel assignment. My two behaviors are 1) scared and weak and 2) joyful and strong. Have fun.

montspy’s Assignment 2

Here is my assignment 2. I tried to make it not laggy at all, and I think I managed to do it, but it seems to only really work when compiled in standalone for x86_64 platforms. Others (web included) are really bad. I reused part of Assignment 1 for this project.

montspy’s Assignment 1

Here is my contribution to assignment 1. I started from scratch and rebuilt a game structure similar to the physics 3D example project. This project features a little dude with arms, legs, a head and a belly. He can jump, double jump, grab walls and wall jump with cool animations. I really tried and spent […]

montspy’s Assignment 0

This is my contribution to Assignment A0. The game is based on the Roll-a-Ball tutorial from Unity. Several changes have been made to better learn Unity: The pickups are oscillating up and down to make them more attractive. Their color is determined randomly. The ball is affected by a drag force that makes it feel […]