P1 – bear

Bear’s assignment 3.

1. Scared and Weak
-Background sound, scary textures, dark colors, and dark bluish lighting convey terror.
-Player moves relatively slow because he is weak compared to his joyful counterpart. The motion is still fast enough where the game is playable!
-Player cannot jump very high nor double jump because he is too weak. He cannot make it onto most of the platforms.
-Player’s head sinks into his body when jumping because he is scared.
-Player is scared of the dark, hidden monsters scattered around the field. When player hits one, he jumps and remarks in fear.
-Player does accelerate when he moves, but again relatively little compared to his strong counterpart.
-Player leans forward or backward only the tiniest bit to convey movement.
-Player starts off fine, but after he makes contact with a platform with the spiked texture, red particle emitted represent blood loss.

2. Joyful and Strong
-Happy background soundtrack, fun textures, happy colors, and bright lighting/higher intensity convey happiness.
-Player moves very fast.
-Player can double jump quite high because he is strong.
-On double jump, player holds his head high and spins his body in joy.
-Player can accelerate very fast.
-Player radiates sparkles to emphasize joy.
-Player leans exaggeratedly forward or backward in excitement and joy as he moves.
-Player is so strong that when he lands or hits on a platform, the platform falls to the ground. Collisions are emphasized with a hitting sound.

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