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The Adjectives Final Playtesting Build (G5)

Dog-Fighter Final Playtesting Build Team: starlord,skro,duetosideeffects

The Adjectives G4

Dog-Fighter Alpha Team: starlord,skro,duetosideeffects

starlord’s P2

Play as a swordsman and fight the monsters to save your village!

starlord’s Project 1

Press 1 for Aggressive/Powerful, Press 2 for Dreamy/Dizzy.

starlord’s Assignment 2

Players can collect cubes and collide with each other, but collisions aren’t being picked up by OnColliderEnter for some reason, so player respawns and scoring don’t work.

starlord’s Assignment 1

My submission for assignment 1. Music from freesound.org.

starlord’s Assignment 0

Here’s my submission for Assignment 0. I changed the text in the corner, brought the camera in closer to the ball, and created a ground texture with my name on it. Colors are randomized at start through a script attached to the ball and the pickups.