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Project 2 – SHYP

Escape the Maze Escape the endless dark maze before the time runs out!

Game Feel Project 1

Game Feel Project 1 1: Joyful & Nimble Pressing ‘1’ starts a joyful and nimble mood to the game. I added a bright sky and rotating candy platforms to add liveliness to the game. The character moves fast and jumps high to show the nimbleness. The bright and exciting background music adds the joyful mood, […]

Assignment2 – SHYP

Assignment 2 There are some missing parts to this assignments, but here are the functions that are working. The dynamic object floats around the place and when it reaches a certain point, comes back to the center. Multiple players can be added, and their scores are individually shown on their own screen. When a player […]

Assignment 1 – SHYP

Assignment 1 This game is based on a candy theme. The main character which is a lollipop will be jumping around the candy platforms to collect the jellybeans to get some scores. You get 60 seconds to collect as many jellybeans as you can.

Assignment 0 – Shyp