npai – Game Feel P1

Here is my submission for the first Game Feel project.

These are the two characteristics I picked:

1) Joyful/Nimble
The avatar moves around in a joyful manner, with, joyous head bobbing and arm waving.
They are rather quick, and can jump further (and reach places that are not reachable with another character).
Their mass is relatively low, so they can not push objects as easily.
The camera is purposefully further from the avatar, to allow a wider range of movements.
The colors of the lights are more warm.

2) Aggressive/Strong
The avatar moves in an aggressive manner, punching all that is in front of them.
They are heavier, and thus they can punch the objects with more power.
The can not jump as high, due to their weight, and as such are unable to reach certain areas.
The camera is “over-the-shoulder” style in order to make the character appear more dominant and menacing.
Their back and head are slouched in a “ready-to-attack” manner.
The camera shakes to symbolize rage and aggression.
The colors of the lights are red, for the same reason.

Also, note that the background music is tied directly to the avatar. Since they are wearing headphones, I thought that this was a neat effect. If you move the mouse and zoom away from the player, the sound intensity decreases, which I thought was pretty cool.

I have also included basic particle generators for the two types of players. Using G turns off the music and the skyboxes, as well as the particle generators and several other effects. The animations and the general appearances of the players (as well as their movement ranges and powers) are the factors that mainly contribute to the Game Feel aspect of this assignment.

Music was taken from
Additional textures taken from

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