Demmina’s Assignment 0

Here is my game for Assignment 0.
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Here is my submission for Assignment 0. The cubes’ colors are randomized at the start of the game. I have also added a plane with a texture of the sky as a child of the camera, so that it is always in the view, and things aren’t just floating in the middle of nothing… Well, they are still floating, but in the sky. Pretend that someone threw this out of an airplane.

Picture credits:

Checkered Board:

White / Blue Seamless Retro Checker Pattern


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thisisaname – Assignment Zero

This is my submission for Assignment Zero. It is fairly simple; the only feature of any real note beyond the requirements is that the colors of the cubes are randomized at the start of the game. The color of the ball is always red. While I find the Unity engine to be fairly intuitive, I decided that meeting the requirements would suffice instead of getting lost in discovery and perfectionism too early on.

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